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The world Here's Dan Schwartzman Thanks Brian Tottenham jumps up to 5th in the Premier League table at the stunning three to two win at Leicester City as Steven Bergman scores a brace scoring the equalizer 5 minutes in the stoppage time than the winner 7 minutes in the stoppage time Elsewhere in the Premier League Manchester United beats Redford three to one to move level with arsenal for 6 in the table In Spain Atlético Madrid is knocked out of the Copa del Rey in the round of 16 by Real Sociedad two nil One big upset at the Australian open is ten seed Hubert utter catches lost in trade sets that grand manure in the second round Notables advancing include third seat Alexander zverev in 17 sea degas none feels Big names in action later today include four seats stefanos titip Andrei Rublev 19 Felix OJ asima and 13 C Diego Schwartzman Looking at the women draw fourth seed Barbara creature Cova 15 Maria sakari and 13 seat a Naomi Osaka all advancing trade sets while American Amanda anisimova upsets 20 seconds in Belinda bench and trade sets Big names in action tonight include two seat arena sabalenka third seed garbine muguruza 69 cultivate and 7 seeded Igor shian tag Finally Derek Henry seems to be on track to play in Saturday's divisional playoff game against the Bengals as a running back successfully went through a practice yesterday involving contact with defensive players Henry has been out since fracturing his foot on October 31st I'm Dan Schwartzman that your Bloomberg world sports outdate Markets headlines and breaking news 24 hours a day At Bloomberg dot com The Bloomberg business at and at Bloomberg quick take This is a Bloomberg business flash Before I get to the price action in market some M and a type news that we're getting on the Bloomberg terminal right now first Blackstone is acquiring interplex for an enterprise value of about 1.6 billion.

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