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In studio details Joe my district a councilman Larry car today hosted a few dozen business leaders on a morning tour of the meadow view north Laguna and parkway neighborhoods we have about ninety acres hello available properties and they're available in both areas that would support a working class homes are density housing as well as standard residential properties tell someone car also discussed ways city resources including measure you funds can be used to develop the areas investment opportunities since some cases we may be able to close the funding gap if there is workforce housing in most cases will be able to streamline the development process so it doesn't take so long drought some of the requirements of the developers in some cases we may be able to waive fees today's tour also highlighted current investment projects including the building of new roads and bike trails Getty all right thank you Joe and a it's six thirty five now add KFBK teenage pregnancies across California continuing to decline a report from the California department public health found a record low of thirteen point nine births per one thousand women aged between fifteen and nineteen maternal and child adolescent health division chair at Leslie Cholesky says a number of factors including increased conception used to late for sexual intercourse in education support programs are the reason we have live in California that support comprehensive sexual health education including the California health youth act we also provide acceptable no cost or free user friendly family planning services second how can he saw the Klein of nearly thirty two hundred adolescent births since two thousand.

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