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Y. Dot com slash ducks. Sweat is back. That's right it's summer here in atlanta and it sure feels like it spent three minutes outside. And you'll be just like migos came through dripping drip drip but it's all good. Thanks to element. Element is a tasty electrolyte. Drink mix with everything you need and nothing you don't. That means lots of salt with no sugar because when you sweat. The primary electrolyte lost is sodium elite athletes. Such as myself can lose up to seven grams of sodium per day and when that sodium isn't replaced it's common to experience muscle cramps and fatigue. No thank you not a problem. Though with element element contains a science backed electrolyte ratio. A thousand milligrams of sodium two hundred milligrams of potassium sixty milligrams of magnesium all perfectly formulated to help anyone with their electrolyte. Needs and perfectly suited to folks following kito low car or paleo diet. we all need electrolytes. Sugar artificial ingredients artificial coloring. Not so much and there's none of that nonsense and element everyone from team. Usa's weightlifters to nba players to trey. Kerby us element as a part of their daily hydration routine. Shout out to the mango chilli flavor. A must chug after. I've been sweating buckets on the yoga mat. Element has a no hassles return policy. If you don't like it share.

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