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This is a balance of power with David Westin rumored radio senator Cory Booker continues to trail believe democratic presidential candidates both in Iowa and nationwide but as the field narrows could give him more space to have his case heard I pose that question to bookers campaign manager a D. so to me see the day coming up court is one of the nine candidates who's qualified to be on that stage and we think of the field narrows are going to be an increasing initially agreed on it attention all the candidates were still out there there are signs of weakness from all the front runners and begin to look for an alternative who can unite the party and be Donald Trump and argued the case has been since day one that Corey is the candidate could bring our party together Russians of moderates good luck to you know Asian white voters bring together not just Donald Trump all the lead to do something big in this country the people in south as the bill nonsense as we get more attention on us we believe they're building organization that you said the magic words unite the party that is a great goal how do you do it he's been doing it our life when he got out of law school anyway he decided to go to the inner city of Newark New Jersey the state law right now people who who needed a champion what he found layers that we didn't need him as much as he needed them to show the power that we this country can manifest when people come together for big things and so it's something he's been doing since he's a city councilman in nineteen ninety eight the time he's been like a senator the only major bipartisan legislation that passed under this president is the criminal justice reform bill that Corey shepherded on the democratic side he showed me the ability to bring people together of different parts in stripes of different ideological stripes and that's exactly what we need in our next president not just be Donald Trump again but ultimately to do big things to create just as an opportunity for everybody and not only a book it does better than anybody else you mentioned the debate coming out the importance for senator Booker to really sort of really break through how can you do that when the candidates that there seem to be going the other way and let me pick on the most obvious example which is Medicare for all does he have to take a position on that or he said no so just come together government in addition on it you said if we were designing a system from scratch that single payer would be the way to do it he also is never going to sacrifice progress at the altar of purity and if he like rock Obama is able to get his ideal he's not he's not going to say my way or the highway he's going to fight get a public outreach unicycle a Medicare and the Medicare age of fifty five zero like a little lower prescription drug costs and so ultimately his condition and the one that I think we're the majority of the Democratic Party is which is like shut out not quite right our ideal but let's not ever say that steps towards that ideal are gonna I'm going to be good for people because ultimately what he's been doing since two minutes of the company New York is fighting for people who need a champion I need somebody to fight for them I talked to speaker Pelosi and she said quite explicitly I'm not a fan of Medicare for all senator Booker a fan of Medicare for all look he's a co sponsor of the legislation preventive care for all he's also a co sponsor every piece of legislation in the Senate that would expand health coverage and ultimately he's forgetting something done these are getting more people healthcare and lowering costs for people you got it and so yes we can we can walk into John gum at the same time here we can set out what we believe is the best possible system that we can also take steps to get their president Obama who that in two thousand nine and two thousand and ten I think that's something that greatly who can't get everybody on the base which is going to agree about something we got to try to find that middle ground that place where Democrats agree we can actually get something done so that people will get one that's not the fight between Democrat on the debate stage the American people actually how to get out of work for them we had we had a series of state and local offices decided the elections as you look at those elections across the country are there lessons in there for senator Booker in your campaign things we saw is that Democrats need to compete and bike everywhere what about B. Kentucky whether that be world Virginia even if this will be what we weren't successful but we have strong candidates coming up fighting alternately getting more votes than we got out last time we can't leave any community behind you can't win voter behind because ultimately I think it does have a little look back hello everybody that you care for everybody it actually spoke to a more likely to vote even those who are likely to vote for you and that's really the top but we've been taking in this campaign as well Cordelia can they going to have if the person house party the Liberal island world South Carolina he's been having a you know community meetings I myself had one in Reno Nevada last week talking about housing and healthcare issues you got to meet people where they are and I think that's something that RD governor elect in Kentucky did very successfully a lot of the project and they were successful and that's not something that we should take all of the Democrats hard as we could get our strategies need no border behind me the Democrat behind if you show up people shop for you senator Booker has qualified for the November twenty debated Lana he is not yet qualify for the December debate if he doesn't make it on the base station December is it over we're gonna make I would I would speak my truth into a group and what we get those thresholds while only a few thousand dollars away from the dollar threshold we can't top one percent in polls over the course of the summer and fall until I believe we're gonna get the date will help budget again were down really down to maybe have a finals with the semi finals are only a few candidates at that increased attention comes I would encourage folks to go to court okay not calm word more about him all that attention comes to us we know we have the map to the candidate that can resonate guess what threshold December and January that was Cory Booker's campaign manager I. D. so.

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