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Setting now I'm just suggesting if it's in a classified setting now let's look at it in that setting this was sent her Lankford side it makes perfect sense to me I don't know if it's achievable what that would be a solution to the problem only one sources claim to have seen the manuscript trump and his attorneys have repeatedly insisted he never tight security to political investigations China is battling to stop the corona virus from killing infecting more of its citizens correspondent Dave Culver says the country's leader is following a tough fight president she's in pain he met a short time ago with the head of the World Health Organization and state media reporting really within just the past couple of hours president she's calling this a demand a virus that he will not allow to hide and he is the one he says who is taking the personal command of all these deployments do you know it states government is warning Americans to avoid all nonessential travel to China because there may be an increasing number of airports were screenings will take place congresswoman Debbie Dingell tells Paul W. I think that there's a chance that those tricks like to not going to another airport and catch a half from there but I think this is serious enough now that you know these cases are increasing right very significant numbers every day the merging of parts suppliers Borg Warner has agreed to acquire Delphi technologies for about one point five billion all in stock Borg Warner would hold stockholders to about eighty four percent of the combined company and Delphi would get about sixteen percent both companies engines and transmission businesses have entered a period of decline according to analysts as carmakers shift into electric cars president Donald Trump will be in the Detroit area Thursday the president will visit the auto supplier Dana in Warren the visit comes just one day after the president signs his United States Mexico Canada trade agreement governor what more is said to deliver her second state of the state speech tomorrow night in Lansing the governor's expected to address the continuing effort to repair the state roads you can hear the address at seven o'clock on Wednesday the traders who want.

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