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Back to the past. Dj Colette is his wife's. Family and she's got a song on the soundtrack of product which I would argue is you know timeless timeless school family. Yeah. I think Bobby I just told them minute ago but my call was range anyway. The basic. Message was that I just wanted to give a little shout Sheila I don't know that much about her, which is why I went off the rails in the call in terms of explaining his year or sandwiches I I don't know. but she has an amazing album that came out last year and was featured on highland song all. Righty Yola. is absolutely a WHO but she is. Who and I think a lot of people know who she is but here's my thing about Yola. I was so mad when I had never heard her I heard the name but she was nominated for four grammys this past year and guess who else was nominated for best new artist grammy alongside her fucking Billy Irish Lizzo. So Billy Irish and Lizzo sucked all the air out of that room and it's Kinda. We focus we do a good job like looking at that list of best new artists in like. The love of we love a best new we totally overlooked her and didn't get into it because amazing. Actually the kind of music that we're in the moment I was like, Oh, who is this? This sounds interesting like, oh, I don't see, and then then the car mentioned high women and I was like what? She's not part of the high women I don't know that name and then you look her up and it's this woman. She's like thirty late thirties like thirty seven I think and she's been making music for like twenty years but she's done a lot of backup singing and supporting singers evenly she did backup song backed up for. Failure she went on tour with massive attack. To do the vocals part of like you know like electronic music and she's British. Also there's a really good interview with her in the Star Tribune and she talks about how like for the longest time I just didn't have any confidence like I thought this is where I stood and like I didn't feel comfortable being the leader and she says I never ever wanted to ask anyone helped me with something I, wanted to do before I was thirty never no one was willing to help everyone wanted me to stay indebted to them. In some way I was a utensil to be used and at the moment she's like you know. What fuck this I'm going to go to Nashville she was always very endeared to like country music and folk music like American country and American folk music because that's the records that like mom listen to in the UK and she moves and she's like I'm going to go to Nashville and I'm GonNa fucking do this now that I've had a little bit of experience and then she made Dan Orbach saw one of her like videos and then like reached out, and then they made this album together and it's amazing like it's fully like I was listening to it and sometimes you hear like an artist and you're like, Oh, this holding. Our back did. He did ultraviolet heated ultra vires. To have him work on your record, just gets you a lot of attention which is cool and he's very supportive really had to like go to Nashville and not restart herself but even with twelve twenty years of experience just it was like a new genre that she had to like kind of ingratiate herself into and figure out where she fit into because her she calls her music country soul and it's like, I think you know that's accurate. But it's still one of those things where you're like you're like one toe in and you almost got to go like full in in yeah. Will you be respected by the industry if you try to deviate from the industry norm and it seems like she is, but she got nominated at the grammys for best new artist, Best Americana Album Best American roots, performance and best route. Song there her single was far away,.

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