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It fun. Well i feel terrible saying that. 'cause that's it wasn't fun this year for let me go god. Forgive me. But i doesn't really speak my name out. He is changes zoom. Which i have fun. No barrage folks inside and like i said i'm only speaking my truth the mike so don't tweet her shit. I said agley. We are fully aware that this year was very heavy for a lot of people but many possibilities and experiences can be true at once something that we also know and for me someone who has been looking for a way to sit down more and Have more time for my personal life. That's right last year. I kind of started veering into that feeling. Member like we slow down with touring at a conversation with guys about needing a break and they were totally cool with that. Thank god we basically did not tour for like the first half of the year started touring the second half prepared are to for twenty sweeney and then got shut all the way down So actually it was nice that we kinda were forced to shut down in that sense. Because i had already been looking for that kind of break and i really was happy to not have to travel and you know i like i've said before on this show. Yeah i was so tired you know. We had done three toys at the same time. And i was feeling a bit of burn out. Y'all know me. I don't really like being super busy. It actually gives me anxiety. When i have a really jam packed schedule and i know some people love that. They like thrive off of being really busy just gives them energy and they feel like yes. You know all this stuff. But when i look at my schedule of jam packed actually like i don't sleep well i can't relax. My brain is constantly scanning. Like what do i need. What's missing what i need to do. Is this like a pace. That just doesn't feel natural to me so it was nice to see it just like the world slow down you know so i got to slow down and if it was just it felt very aligned with how feeling already so to me. That part of this year was really really nice. You what about you dustin. What are some things that you liked about this year. Some big wins that you experience ain't like nothing. No i'm just. I'm just have a lot of things to be grateful grateful for. I have my health. I have my family's hill. I have love in my life..

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