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A little bit warmer with a high around sixty right now sunshine and thirty nine degrees at D. I. A. our top story some shocking results coming from a study of antibodies in the population in northern California which could then translate to the rest of the country knowing how many people in the community may have actually had called it nineteen and not known it and now I have the antibodies which could offer some of unity is critical in re opening the economy Stanford medicine tested thirty three hundred people in Santa Clara county finding up to four point two percent have the antibodies a far higher number than predicted they now predict in the county of two million residents up to eighty one thousand people may already have the antibodies Alex stone ABC news New York governor Andrew Cuomo says he cannot to ease up on stay at home restrictions yet with hundreds of deaths a day happening in his state during Cuomo's briefing the president tweeted that Cuomo should be complaining less and doing more Cuomo then fired back at the president first of all if he's sitting home watching TV maybe he should get up and go to work right Cuomo says the federal government needs to help the states I'm willing to do what I can do and more but I'm telling you I don't do China relations I don't do international supply chain and that's where the federal government can help lead Cuomo says everyone wants to stay at home orders to end self employed and gig economy workers in Colorado can start applying for unemployment on Monday the state labor department says it is opening a new call center and a virtual town hall to answer questions the eighty person remote call center opens Monday vice president Mike pens will be delivering his commencement speech to Air Force Academy graduates in person after all he was going to deliver the speech by video message but instead he'll be at the academy in Colorado springs tomorrow the Thunderbirds will be doing flyovers tomorrow along the front range after the Air Force Academy graduation numbers will take part in commencement at the Air Force Academy then afterwards the F. sixteens will do a one hour flyovers starting at twelve fifty the Thunderbirds flight path will take them over Greeley fort Collins Loveland boulder Denver Buckley Air Force base Colorado springs fort Carson in pueblo you were encouraged to take photographs and videos and post Malone with the hash tag a absolutes I'm Chuck Clark gateway newsradio wall street's all positive right now the Dow industrials up four hundred four points S. and P. five hundred gaining forty five and the nasdaq up thirty five our next news updates at twelve thirty I'm Susan wicket on Keighley news radio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM health care workers like me are in a fight for your life and ours our government's neglect.

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