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This game, And then it happened. Shelley Wynter, it Happens, the The Angels have even this food dispatch from Africa right now. Africa right now. Africa right now from Africa right now. They're coming here. They're coming here! Be a the African Angels angels. Let me tell you so young kwon coup. Went to kick up a tying field goal. And I'm saying, like 2020 plus in a row anyway, on his way to his first pro Bowl. I'm thinking to myself, okay, He's got this. They're gonna tie it up. I wonder what Kansas City does right because there's a great It's an actually a great breaking into this point. So I'm saying to myself, Kansas City is play. You know, they probably played down to the competition. I understand that and so he goes to kick it. I'm watching. I'm thinking to myself, Okay, He's gonna tie the game and then we go into overtime. This is a pretty good afternoon. And then I watched the ball get kicked in the balls, ascending, ascending, ascending and an angels came to African angels came and just move the ball. Everything literally. The ball was going straight through. And it just moved. Shelly. I called my father because about about I think it may have been about three months ago we were talking about are the Falcons. Curse. This is even before Raheem Morris Ryan took over and you said, you really believe it and other people called in you said you believe that they are washed today because of the church lady because what do they do that because I moved historical Church, African American Church, and they pay them pennies on a dollar for valuable land to build a billion dollar stadium. And they robbed these church people and God is never gonna be happy with you. I e watch the ball going straight through the uprights, and it just turned. It was like, uh, the angels from Africa came and just blew the ball just turned. Did you see the kick? Scotty? I'm definitely watch where the ball went over, going straight, and it just moved to the right of the Falcon. I've never seen that that's that's not love. It's a car like this. On Friday. Somebody asked me What I thought was gonna happen. I said the faculty probably play a great game and then lose in the end, Scotty B. When you guys talked about it, I was literally laughing those who were calling in saying they were cursed. Soon as it happened. I called my father who had just almost gotten out of the pulpit. And I said Dad, Shelley Wynter and everyone who thinks that their curse because of what they did to that church, Paula White called for the Angels for Africa to come. Help Donald Trump win, but they were already here. They moved the ball the ball. I saw African angels just blew on the ball as it was going straight to the operates. And a ball just shifted to the right. I never when I'm a giant fan, I watched I.

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