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You wrote a letter deangelis right. I mean the the chapter is both a kind of pieces of this open. Letter to dangelo is also kind of reflects on what it means to write. Nobody letter to dangelo in sort of the broader context which he merges. Why the angelo in why this form. So one of the things i would say is that you know. I think a lot about the essay. Not just as a place where i want to kind of bring together different ideas and try and work through something on. Try to try to figure out for myself. I'm also really interested in kind of messing with the four. One of the things. I'm interested in doing with with essays is to you. Know kinda mess with the floor in and you know to I hope invite especially sort of young writers and critics and you know people who are interested in writing and thinking about culture in ideas and music and art and all of these things and saying..

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