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To talk to espn's nfl insider dan glaviano we're going to start with he yet and these sixgame suspension being upheld uh dan so we explained why he can play in week one basically the deadline passed reply andy suspensions for a week once what would start in week two if it's it would starting we too but can you explain us what we learned today about the likelihood of him actually serving a sixgame suspension and also were the league is in terms of how firm they are on this suspension which some thought was excessive early on well they fully firm audited their arbitrator upholding the games so there they always do feel like they're on solid ground there i don't understand why he can play sunday i i was i was talking to people who've with at league who said it wasn't true there was a four o'clock deadline today at afler be suspended any day of the week so you know you go through a process like this he turned fairly kenny can't trust but anyway um i guess that was though the y uh so uh i'm confused on a couple of things but in terms of helping the league feels about this obviously feel very strongly about after the appeal process which union near perspective bill went very well um henderson did nothing is lifted suspension it it is a sick so uh uh you know i just talked a couple of people in the elliot side who said we think it's make their job easier that it makes it more likely though prevail in court but in terms of the likelihood of of the suspension holding up it depends on the judge and he's going to rule by friday and if he decides with unique gators merit and he'll issue a temporary restraining order an el it will be the allowed klay weilded thing work its way through court he a situation similar to what we saw with tom brady in 2015 where he was able to play and and perhaps the decision was overturned the clawing summer if the judge did not issued the temporary restraining order baillio will have to serve a suspension beginning week two they'll be out through the uh cowboys seventh game of the season and um and then the union and ilya would continue to push the case through.

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