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This election right number one and number two above is a recent analysis that came out of Christopher Newport university they talked about what the map looks like for Democrats for Democrats to win and they did a project that made the visit the for a projector and they predicted Democrats win the election by two hundred seventy eight collecto about now I'm not thing these predictions are real or write because their production their production the prediction but what the what the predictor spoke to was best selection gonna be about turn on both sides will Republican base turnout be high absolutely but that would that turn out also going to be matched impossibly beaten by democratic can understand it almost seven to nine percent of the babies are Democrats did not vote in the election and I can tell you this I'm twenty eighteen number they're gonna drop the ball whether it is Donald Trump whether it's a little bit boring and whether it's people to judge whether it will be on Castro whether Cory Booker at the nominee because they understand that but the Mach baby this is the Democrat democratic feeling about the democracies and Powell and Donald Trump can't get affected car until because of that I do think yeah Biden gaps of become they become they've sort of top of the news but it's a known thing he's been gapping than P. than in the United States Senate right and you know why Richard Richard I get that I agree with that I think you know he's he's been a I called Magath factory and this is almost his his brand but I think there is at least to me a concern where they they gaffes and the errors crossover into where he looks like he's kind of disoriented and and can't remember basic things and then used to start to wonder about his capacity to do the job to be the nominee that kind of thing I know there are some whispers about that in democratic circles among some of his opponents and he just there are high stakes moments that'll happen along the way where he can maybe start to reassure some people even though he's still in the lead one of they will be September twelfth he'll be at center stage finally debating Elizabeth Warren who has been rising in the polls they will be next to each other on ABC coming up early next month will be watching with interest and we'll be getting the thoughts of people like Richard Fowler about his party as this whole process unfold Richard we gotta go but we appreciate your time good to be with you guys all right taking a break coming right back god doesn't show conservative.

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