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Come on, Dad. Let's get out of here. I cutting you off on that. I'm sorry man or David. Thank you for walking me back like Trump Remember, Originally, Trump's father said we were from Sweden. Not sure really. What they remember there was Lot of evil men like Germans, even though it's the largest immigrant group. I don't think people realize it's the largest Emma Quinn group in America right in downtown Cleveland. They have this huge black talks about like 28 million German Americans came to these shores. And, you know, look, we're won't juan or wood to than the Holocaust. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, People will believe me when I went there four years ago was four or five years ago. Did a Christmas Markets River cruise. It was interesting when you sit there, and some of you know the Heidelberg and all these big places, and you see all these really, really old people you're thinking. I wonder what your story was as interesting to go if we can do I believe its frescoes calling from New Jersey. Welcome to the return of tests. Actually, Andy and Tubby ABC fresco Welcome back your yet to fresco Espresso. Kurdish. I want to tell you. How was it yesterday? The fight. I can't wait to rapid fire. I can't wait for back taking enough of that rapid trouble getting relax, excited about that. That's coming up. Coming up right at the half hour. Let's go to Shell who's calling from New Jersey? Welcome to the return of jet, said Juliet here, WNBC Shell. Curtis Shelton. Smokey Cat Start, Remember. Anyway, if you're Jewish, and you got a Christmas tree up Jewish Krampus visits you. Jennifer had no idea Who that Woz wait. I've heard of Krampus Who's Krampus? Krampus Krampus. Who is that evil? Yeah, I don't really don't know. They made a couple movies. Oh, yeah? Yeah. Kind of stupid, but so is crap is visiting with your jewelry. Oh, it's the horns and throw Pour more stick figure. Describe this half coat have demon who during the Christmas season punishes Children who have misbehaved Jan. The Jewish Krampus is for you, Saint Nicholas. You can't say things like you think. Look at the picture of this thing. Yeah. Oh, my God. It's like it's like a white walker. The white walker king. I asked if Santa was gonna come to my house is here. I don't think so. No other better. Good. Greg got too old. Don't ever say this in front of your rabbi, You're ready. You can't or any of the religious figures in your shoelace, Shinnecock. Oh, knock on wood that it's not gonna happen. You know what that means? Brian Mann deluge Knock on wood. You have any idea what that means? Jennifer got everybody always says that knock on wood. Oh, I think she knows. Hold on. Let's see if the gentile hold on. Let's just like knocking on wood. Hey, I know that there's some definition behind it, but it's like a Okay. Like I'm not getting it out. All right? Yeah. The crucifix was made out of wood that I didn't knock on wood for luck. Oh, you understand? Yes. Or like bad luck. Good luck. So you're not gonna wait for a very, very good well, Jew should never say that because you know it's it's Starr's help us. Shanta. You guys were really limited. You can't have Christmas trees. Okay? Haven't you can't have Christmas presents. Yeah. I mean, we're about 100 bushes. That's the whole thing or just people do that. Is that what I'm gonna say? I've heard of it. I feel like one of my parents told me they had that. But I don't know if I believe them. It was out of the bushes. Just like what you you bring in like a short Christmas tree? Yeah, baby baby, and you just decorate with blue and silver, blue and white, one of my college rooming. It's I'm I'm not a bit of a hoarder somebody, but I was like I cannot take it from you when she left college because she was a little older than me. But she had a she was Jewish as well. And she had a blue Christmas show. That's kind of so I really I wanted it, but I was like, I care. I've been of the harder she bought four boxes from two pen to hear what you have in this discussion, Jennifer Grodd without realizing it, because you're a little naive. You have fed the beast on 33 stereotypes about use that we Christians have created. And others who don't necessarily like to have my right right. She has she has fed the beast. Free of the The Krampus area is being orders. Stereotype. Um well, I'm a warder, right? I'm just you know you are You are a harder time. So I mean, did you even ask if your order Yes. What were you joking? I got exempted by J. C. You have to answer to hush M. This'll.

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