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Wonder how the national weather service in Des Moines says forecasting models had. Showed only a slight chance of strong thunderstorms a storm hit a manufacturing plant in Pella and caused several injuries as the workday was ending no, fatalities, have, been reported in the state for NPR news I'm claim masters in Des. Moines the head, of Paramount Pictures TV division has been fired for allegedly making inappropriate statements that you. Complaints from, employees CEO Jim gee Annapolis says, Amy Powell, was fired, for making statements that were inconsistent with company values but. He didn't elaborate on what Powell said all. Street is trading in mixed territory at this hour. The Dow is down eight the NASDAQ is up twenty the, s., and p. five hundred is up a fraction of a point you're listening to NPR news from Washington From k., q. e. d. news in San Francisco I'm Brian watt California teachers say they don't, want, their pension fund to. Invest in companies that profit from the separation of families at the, border members of the teachers' union plan to testify today at a meeting of that pension fund known as, Kaos tres Jeff freight us with the California federation. Of teachers says Kosters currently invest in three companies that have. Contracts with immigration and customs enforcement, we are against our funds. Being spent in terms of an endeavor, to contract with organizations like I have been. Told, to, separate, children from their parents the union is not calling for divestment but it is urging, castors to put pressure on these companies to. Stop their business dealings with ice calstrs. Has not yet. Commented a team of all. Stars from two little leagues. In Oakland continues its drive toward the Little League World series today with. Its first game in the west regional Tournament most of the boys played, on the team that got within one game of the World Series tournament last year manager Steve. Pal Thiel says. They've played a lot of baseball together and it shows we don't call plays very much guys kind of know what's happening and they accused each other body language and they know when somebody's about to snap throw across the diamond are back, when the catcher is looking to catch somebody nappy and it's just, kind of on autopilot and if you really wonderful thing to watch. The Oakland team takes the field today against a team from Tucson the games in Sacramento at one in the big league the giants as are back. At the bay bridge series this time, at the Coliseum tonight at six thirty.

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