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Good thing that he was throw. Excuse me for all those yards so that understood it and so he said he's gonna come out faster. Play better this year. It was the act to use the term faster than last year. I don't think he meant throw for more yards. I think he meant get out early and get his team on the board in the first half so they don't have to play from behind like that route. No i mean you don't wanna play from behind. You don't wanna fall down fall behind by twenty one points in the first half or whatever it was ugly and then this is what even tony dungy said you remember. He got criticized because seemed insensitive when he said that. You know it'd be a blue. It was a blessing in disguise. That getting hurt because now the cowboys can go back to to running the football. You remember that like. That's when they were having their most success. When it was about zeke elliott and dak was mixing in and making the third downs in the past is that they need in that context. And that's why all games numbers by themselves. Don't always tell the real story too has to be in context and the cowboys have one more win. Dak hasn't thrown for big numbers period. Those are facts so so you can look at it and say oh this guy. Might those six thousand yards and fifty five touchdowns in the offense and look at all the receivers but last year went last june one in six against playoff teams. They couldn't beat anybody. And i think the number one is it two and ten there too and ten in in their last twelve games or dad is to in ten buys last twelve games against teams with winning records. I mean what is it. Seventeen rob in the last twenty three. This is what this what we're talking about. That's not winning football. The reason i've liked dax so much as you know. I'm big on the intangibles. I felt like he had those leadership. He's a winner. Galvanized the locker room get players to believe in him so on and so forth. I like his character. But i always viewed him raw as a gay measuring. This shouldn't be an insult. Shouldn't be viewed as an insult. I viewed him as a game manager. Who could make plays with his legs and his arm like not. I never viewed as a guy like an error. Rogers or someone of data that you just. He puts the team on his back. He throws for three hundred fifty yards and four touchdowns and lead you to victory essentially whether you gotta running game or not. That's not dax strength to me to me. That strengths are his smarts. Decision making the intangibles. As i said. And he's a gay manager capable. Some gay marriages aren't capable of making big plays and those are the ones where it's kind of an insult but back. I viewed as a gay manager. Who was capable of making big plays in both ways his arm and his legs. And we've seen him do it with his legs to and now somewhat largely rob because of the demise of ezekiel elliott in that running game. He's kinda hat to morph into this guy. Throwing follow these yards..

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