Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Prosecutor discussed on Rush Limbaugh


The other thing that we have learned that ought to eliminate all of this is that call me off firmed what was in his pre testimony yesterday that donald trump was not a target and never has been a target of the russian collusion investigation trump told a truth even all colmey says is a liar colmey came across as a wining cowardly guy during some of his testimony here but he admitted that he told trump three times that trump was not a target of the investigation donald trump was understandably on happy that call me would not make this public donald trump believed that if colmey would simply say that trump is not a target here then it would free trump from the distractions and allow him to focus and his regime to focus on the on the agenda at hand ought colmey had also cleared hillary clinton here hillary whenet july fit press conference which everybody saw including trump colmey goes out there and lists her crimes and lift violations of statute and then says what there's no chant we couldn't find that she intended break the law and therefore no reasonable prosecutor i would proceed and then he closed the investigation now the russian investigation has not been closed colmey said.

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