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Terry Steinbach Terry Steinbach was sitting to seventeen at the all-star. Break for the. Oakland Athletics. In nineteen eighty eight And he was the starting catcher for the all stars in the American. League back in eighty eight ended up playing fourteen years. In the major leagues mostly with the Oakland Athletics but Terry Steinbach a catcher who made a ton I see a ton of money but for the time it was. A lot of money but now it'd be peanuts Now he made like twenty. Five million dollars but now you make that if you're good you. Make that, in like two years as a catch. You make that about two years are real quick. To the phones we go Zach, in Needham is up next year it is late night, on what's going on Zack Hey how we doing Ben. Thanks, for taking. My call man well thanks, thanks for waiting and I like the fact that you reached out to knock me over. The head for not. Getting you sooner but, you're on the air now, Zach dazzle what are you what are you got I was surprised I worked I appreciate you noticing. That yeah I did I noticed little late noticing but I finally did knows what what you got a little pessimistic stuff about the socks I'm a big fan. I watch every night but I gotta say we we might be the best constructed to, them for regular season wins that I've seen in my lifetime but one of the worst teams constructed for beating teams like ourselves in the playoffs and you think good. Starting, pitching multiple nights in a row facing. Deep. Bullpens we just we have one to, consistent starters and a bunch of guys in, the bullpen throw hard fastballs and pretty crappy curve balls. And really no secondary speed stuff to match up with the fastball. Concerning to, see going into the second half the. Season well not the second half of the. Concerning October like, when you if you get matched up with the the Mariners in the first round a team that you figure you should win or even you know maybe it could. Be, depending on how it shakes down here The Yankees could be the. Yankees in the first round of the playoffs you talk about a recipe for disaster if you're the Red Sox but the problem I have here is. That they, have there's no. There's no confidence the pitching staff in pre I would. Say the pitching staff starting pitching staff is the biggest conundrum for the. Red Sox because those guys. Have had zero success in the. Playoffs, in fact this is amazing I was looking this up, and maybe I'll on. Wednesday so maybe I'll rant about this. On Wednesday night from in late night. But Rick Courcelle? Has played he's pitched in eleven playoff. Games now most of those were were not. With the, Red Sox but eleven playoff games his team has lost all eleven. Games he's pitched. In in his, playoff career how about David price has made nine career playoff starts his team is only nine in his night I mean these, numbers are, are stunningly bad for these guys and they're gonna they're gonna Have to get over that that just tells you what has happened is. You know Zach doesn't guarantee that's going. To happen again this year. But it does have to give you pause while they're. Racking up, all these wins the Red Sox that ultimately. They're going to be judged by what they do in one month of baseball in October and those guys have socked in October baseball terrible to see. I will, I will add. One one happy don't on that though we go five..

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