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Okay. So we've come we've closed the casket on that one. So. A new casket for a new thing. Yeah. Well. Elliot you had some promotions. You wanted to do? Yeah. No going. What were you gonna say? Where are you going to set them up? Yeah. I'm setting you up, man. That's. Allies enough the ball. And you're like I'm trying to breaks. I'm trying to think of like a great book is somebody put a T-ball. I put a ball and a t and you like balked you? Like, you said, no, then you said as if you had another thing to say so was like, the Dan's using space filler town like and usually people do that to fill space between sentences or words, so let's see what's coming up next. Let's see what hot new ideas coming out of dance math. Oh, nothing of great. Thanks. So let me just promote. We've got a couple live shows coming up as we've mentioned on this show before November third coming up very soon. After this episode comes out at college in Richmond, Indiana, Saturday, November third at seven thirty pm as part of the earldom artists and lecture series. The flop house is going to be there. We're talking about Jurassic world fallen kingdom. Right. Yeah. Kingdom if that came them's already fallen down. We're gonna kick it. Well, it's down. Oh, oh, yeah. Beware of Dyno's. Then on January twenty six twenty nineteen. That's right. The future on Saturday, January twenty six we're going to be in Wisconsin. That's right. We don't care that. It's winter in Wisconsin. We're going to be there. Anyway, we're going to brave Jesus Christ. I didn't even that. What it's the thing. Everyone mentioned to me when I mentioned the show to them. They go to Wisconsin in January. And I'm like, yeah. We don't give a shit. We'll deal our fans for our fans, we would walk through hellfire. We'd walk through blizzard fire. So sober view to say. Yeah. Yeah. And so Saturday twenty to twenty six January transects at the university of Wisconsin, Madison. Wisconsin union theater, we're going to be there. It's going to be great Dami fantastic. Even though it'll be cold. You can eat a lot of cheese Kurds, make you feel good. I don't think ham probably bloated. I mean, I mean to be fair if the if the dairy that sells ice cream at the university of his open, we should go to that. They make great ice cream there. Okay. All right. Let's say so I hope it's open cold outside hold inside. That's there's something that something that Sammy started saying when he gets into his bath on particularly hot days, which we have a lot of here in sunny LA. He'll get a nice hot bath on a nice hot day..

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