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Patriot league um all right and and and it's adrian lead at the bright the pay the pay on eld as a patriot league in college football but the patriot league you know instead of all vince big band the way that they went with you know the the dancing girls narra leader ryan and and and everything else this will jeez just be totally patriotic starspangled banner um uh a military industrial complex halftime show um right yes tanks rolling through the field at halftime right just two no not not because that they really believe this it's just let's take off the left just give rise other rights it's gonna ride rise got than a dummy that you know there it's like people sane asana when yesterday he's a dictator he is a dictator there's nothing in indicates the donald trump is a dictator but keep let them keep believing at so in this new league um uh you know the pay the patriot league uh uh you know the this is you know trump and and and mcmahon can do it and the nfl switzer would just go away and so this is trump's master plan i'm on board with that of airsea theory okay gut arles also coming up i well we did find out with the demise of the latest uh what we did find out with the demise of the latest a gop healthcare plan we will get two of that roy more wins the alabama senate primary we'll tell you about the college at offers a marijuana chemistry degree the most productive hour of the day is it happens during our show can you believe it janet yellen speaks now not sure about the economy and the unity.

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