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And you know, if it doesn't if you don't naturally be out front of this next thing, it doesn't really matter. Like, obviously, you're going to be a leader in because you did it before. And there's people that know you from. But at the end of the day, it's like it doesn't have to necessarily still be that way. And I just thought that was a good thing for me to chew on. Because I just thought it had to be that way to the greatest example. So who owns Nike outside of shareholders who's the main person Phil Knight, Phil Knight? How often do you sail? Very rarely at game or two right? From. That's just really with the past several years because he's like ju just such a g because he put his book out yet that that's right. It may be on a, but he has everybody helps his brand Ron hopes his brand curry hopes brand. Kevin Durant helps his brand Serena Williams, and the list of Nike athlete goes on and on and on and on and on. But had he said I have to be the face of this running shoe because I think they start off as light rummaging. You know saying? And it needs to be about me. You wanna suffocated the growth, right? And that mentality starts at the beginning. When it's too guy who is not accepting anybody give him helping anything. There's just not it just doesn't get to the branding part is to suffocating of the the process of allowing people to come and help you make this thing was supposed to be. So that's all after saying closed. I love it though. And so because I always say the statement, but it's not about you. It's about what you can do. It's about what you can control about the business. So yeah, eliminate your name yourself from the idea and say what can I do? Okay. I can okay. So I need other people to do this too. Many people think about them factual store we move to question of this. This is a factual store to listeners is whatever date is as I started our thing. I was running our thing. And when I step back and put somebody in front of me, which it was tough for me to do at first. I looked at the facts of how we were performing with somebody else was in charge. What we were doing. Literally, we've done better as so I can never go back to when I was doing because obviously, I didn't know what this person knows what they're doing as so my flag is being way for the team's not me away from more Reese, but that all stems from humility and understanding that you do more with more and more going to the table. So that's it. All right time for QA BNB, Bud Light. But lifelock life but life brought you by bought live hashtag, but life but life one up. Don't go to that. All right, everyone..

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