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Eighteenth studio album tour will run from may third to June twenty ninth and feature to nightstands in Long Island walkie Austin, San Francisco sprints films in the works. But it's not a bio pic film was a fictional narrative driven and inspired by a song in versus pictures has acquired the rights to a number of classic songs from his catalog execs. Want to make something similar to their Abba inspired, mama Mia. And former Rilo Kiley from woman Jenny Lewis is set to release her fourth solo album on the line this spring. That's FOX rocks on Fox News. Fox on faith with Lauren green as thousands of migrants from Central America continued their caravan towards the United States one question servicing in religious circles is what should be the spiritual response to illegal immigration, the largest Latino Evangelos organization in the US is helping migrants in the caravan with some basic needs as an act of godly love while others say God is also the creator of laws, which must also be obeyed. What does the bible say former Obama faith adviser? Christopher HALE Matthew twenty five Jesus says at the end the time that the number one way that God will judge is the individual. But the nation is how we treat the Lisa dis and particularly says strangers in our midst, but Brigitte Gabrielle author and founder of act for America disagrees. With hails interpretation of scripture. The Rangers are not in our midst. They are outside of the game. They are trying to break the gate. Climb over the wall. We need within our own country who on the hungry for FOX faith, Lauren green, Fox News. Welcome to FOX in food Lilian. Woo Fox News to some the Laka is the food highlight of the Hanukkah feast fried crispy, delicious potato Liz Newmark, founder of the annual Laka fest at the Brooklyn museum says they're traditionally topped with applesauce or sour cream, but you can go with a slice of smoked salmon Roe or even barbecue brisket. She's made thousands in her potato of choice is the russet or Idaho. They're graded combined with onion eggs flour and salt bride in a heavy bottomed Skillet. I have a secret ingredient instead of great Indian, and then all the spices. I just put in a little onion soup mix. The oil hot enough when a bit of potato dropped in starts to sizzle. I keep them warm in the oven while I'm trying more because you could never make enough. More on our FOX in food podcast. I'm lilian. Woo. Fox news. And this is FOX in food..

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