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NBA Veteran NBA. Analysts nowadays are Mad Brendan. Haywood, what's up, brother welcome to the couple. Going on Obama be mad. Thanks for having me great to have you on in Georgia hour. Just discussing what superstar has the whose legacy would grow the most by leading his teams at his championship, and a lot of people have said James Harden which I think, he will get a huge boost, but I think Russ could lead them as well, and if Russ was the one that led them played better in the play offs was the finals Mvp I think his legacy with the three triple double seasons would get the biggest boost. What superstar do you think any of them? In the League would get the biggest boost from leading his teams in this title. Man There's there's there's a couple of guys I think. James and Russell both. I think both those guys have had elite stat, but they haven't had the playoff success and especially Russ because without Katie Russ hasn't been out of the first round right and he's lost. He's lost to Utah with Donovan Mitchell with a rookie, and he lost the Portland last year, and they dominated Portland in the regular season, so ruskin definitely use the the James. Heart has a history of melting and the play offs so either. One of those guys works for me and I. Not darkhorse out there, but Donald says well, honestly young, but you don't want like last year. He kinda faltered in the playoffs. And you don't want that to become a habit. What people keep saying? Oh, you have a good regular season, but you're not getting. It done the playoff. Come what we see James Harden. Yarmuth has an easier path in the East Janas being twenty five. He could get that champions. You start getting the championship early. That would definitely help his legacy. So. Of? Rain held George because Brinda. He said John is when we were discussing. He been taking els all day so from meals. Sorry, I'm glad you gave a boost. To help your. Brendan. With, the players going down to Orlando. We've been hearing all sorts of stuff about what you know some players saying they shouldn't go that. They should should go. Kyrie's been leading the charge. Then you have people saying Lebron's going to be the guy..

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