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That is what happened and so i think i didn't know it was becoming a movie i think that's super interesting so jesse isn't going to be like a retelling of it or is it them like like weekend is going to be documentary style then no for my understanding it's scripted so it's going to be there's gonna be like actors portraying john of the story are they going to be portraying i guess be like the actual podcasts or is it going to be just his life story or i i don't know that he deals but i would imagine it would be almost like i don't see how it could be anything but having like the reporter in the story be a character it's like how i mean this is like a dated example but as one that comes stop i had like how like truman capote was sort of like an early kind of gonzo journalist and inserted himself into stories and so when you watch in cold blood the film truman capote is a character in the film or eight you know i feel like the other example is like one hundred stops in or something where you can't you can't you can't have fear low voting in las vegas if hunter of sampson is a character in it even though he's the writer so i picture it would be something like that man that's fascinating i can't i will love watching i hope we get to see them as because member how such a central part of s town is that maze that he built with shrubs yeah yeah there's so many little weird elements of the story that be interesting to see how this picked it in a scripted film yeah tyler you could wear your shrub outfit in the movie you can make shirt number three the center of the maze reach the center of johns crazy maze of made of shrubs towers pops up hello dying to talk it's a small small but it's memorable it's andy sad part will be when you when you email an offer and they email you back and say we don't want no shrouds off straighter.

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