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Ooh. Go on the side of the. It was matinee my guy. There wasn't a lot of people in there role. Oh, you can't be filled up the whole roll. Rebecca. So right, though, was the most quiet and he's. Embarrassing to take to the movies dot. Don't cry. I don't wanna go. I'm surprised show the movie on. Oh, wow. Okay. Listen Cardi B post Malone Wayne thug. Wiz Khalifa Uzi Vert. One Kodak black tiger many more. That's L A rolling loud. The the lineup is insane. By the way. Those are only a few names. There's about fifteen hundred other names on line as a hip hop days. Man. Two days rolling allowed empower one oh six plus you have a chance at hanging out with post backstage. Now. That's a hang out. I've done that. And I'm telling you right now, you hang out with post Malone. He becomes your best friend in there. You become friends for life. So listen to when you're rolling loud tickets inside your power hours. We're about to shout out of name here in a few coming up in just a few minutes. Man. Let's get him as crucial paranoid. Six number. One for hip hop. LA's hip hop morning show, the cruise show one oh, six number one. Are you down? I I love this, man. This is where we test every relationship find out who's really down for you, Tiffany, he's.

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