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We eventually saw simply snow money in his starting at cici's Tabatha, and the Yankees, wasn't very much so and Samatha as the market has faded quite a bit over the last eighteen months or so. But that's been on hold over his last two starts blink snow didn't make out of the first inning. And I talked about this in my right up at the book dotcom yesterday that there must be something more to this, because we've seen a lot of Blake's snow money, come in over the last little while hasn't happened in his last two starts. So I dug a little bit deeper and I mentioned I was going to try to look at this on Twitter. I will include this in the article prior to Snell's next. Start. Like snowmen Meg out of the first inning in that start since may, I the spin rate on snow's, curb all two thousand four hundred thirty eight RPM. It was two thousand five hundred seventy RPM from the start of the season to April thirtieth. Now he did miss some time. Something fell on his foot. He broke his toe since coming back. I don't know if he's hurt. I don't know if it's a mechanical issue, but it's one of those things where and I've talked about this before when guys get hurt in April, you know, they do all this work in spring training. All this stuff to build their arms up in the month of April. Then they get hurt kinda throws you off a little bit. But as we look at Blake Snell here since the start of June, the spin right on his curb all two thousand three hundred thirty three RPM. So in the first month of the season, it was twenty five seventy it's twenty three thirty three. Over his last ninety seven curve balls. There is something wrong here and I wrote about this on Monday with regards to patch Corbin and the decrease in his spin rates as well. One of the most immediate injury indicators is a drop in spin rate. So maybe this is mechanical for Snell. Maybe there's something that hurts that he's, you know, chances mechanics to try and throw with as little pain as possible. I think Blake snow is hurt. I think Patrick Corbin is hurt despite the good start that he had yesterday. But spin rate is a pretty good indicator of injury. And for Blake Snell, it's down dramatically on his curb curveball. It's also down on his fastball. Twenty three eighty four RPM in March and April twenty three seventy one in may twenty three fourteen here in June. Something is wrong with Blake snow..

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