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And I mean if you look at percentages and you know pressure's per rush you know I had two hundred less Russia's place more pressures than I did hear that had sex so I think as far as the way I play and you know just getting better as a player I think I took a step forward this year. I haven't Discussed Specifics with with coach. Graham too much I know that he liked my versatility Being able to rush and drop you so Tom I'll do whatever they asked me to do. And and whatever they is best for the defense and I really look forward to coach. Graham is going to do with the defense you know. I have a lot of trust in any abilities. Really Sharp Dude So I mean I. I haven't talked to him. You know I'll I'll do whatever you know the defense of Honestly I think the only thing that I would say about coach Graham is that I mean he's a great coach and the thing that I really liked the most about him is just his passion and most of football You know he'll get up on the table and scream and yell if he needs to But it all comes from a great place it comes from you know. In being grateful for the life of eighty live in what he gets to do to provide for his family and You know that's something that I always love coming into work. You know working with coach Graham Was that was a big thing to the giants you know that he was here and respect for him. Next.

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