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Cbs today's dmv glitches that slowed down lines at several bay area branches or a good reminder dear of just how many dmv services can be done online mayorski cbs's making goals be reports that is the message from dmv officials we apologise short customers for the inconvenience that to just 'cause they're timmy are men says speaks for the d envy he says this time around it was a problem with the killing system that gives you a numbers you can be called to the right desk workers had to do it by hand instead it's not that the technology is out of date he says you know we certainly evaluate pervert the systems that we have to continue to offer uh great customer service but when there is a problem it really does affect a lot of people we serve a population of more than thirty eight million californians we have more than twenty six million driver uh drivers in the state we have you know more than six or seven million people with idea cart your best that to avoid the his glitches take care of your dmv business online if possible or at a selfservice kiosk there are about a dozen scattered around the bay area making golds v kcbs from shuttered schools to growing gridlock silicon valley's population changes are having a major impact on quality of life for residents he cbs's matt bigler takes a closer look at the numbers from the annual competitiveness competitiveness survey in 2016 there was a net outflow of residents from silicon valley about forty two per month warriors over forty kugler g will because for the past several years we've actually been gaining about twenty five hundred a month pearl dino presidency yo of the silicon valley leadership group which released the survey says seattle and other tech hub is gaining forty two hundred people a month this growing exodus is having a big perfect traffic is only getting worse because people are commuting from further.

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