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That they're going to be dealing with in florida which we were not dealing with an harvey in texas that storm research that is capable of taking out buildings and houses and structures of our view devastation incorporated the two four i'm sure um my if keep your fingers crossed at everybody makes it all right you you know if it was me i would be hidden ought perhaps slowly on the air me too i've been getting out of dodge long time ago i am no way at favour that uh what like i said if you gotta competition could day if you really gotta get out that house and do something know you're gonna be going to be clear what not when you know i think if you get up and at protected marsh it looks like a good one day of what happened yet but it looks like a real what are you here not the end biloxi marsh any thiel been sighted europe of ugandan enough showed up uh from showed up last week but i don't well you those those talks are going to stay i think those ducks are going to go back go on down to vanish because they don't they don't use it i mean some day but they don't you'll be hang you know this this balaki marshes getting better all the time but it's not it's not it's not bennett no man although he all lyndon i'll be wait on we are going to be way arm friday west were will be closed around here what a yeah i think i think they do have some birds out here but it's not you gotta go spotty guy who you know you're going to hottest management area gotta go up arod looking and set up on i guess you know absolute that would be my guest as a lotta grass back there so as a lot of feed there's no reason that some shouldn't stop the acquitted armed loaded with grasso wounded food oh you know the bird going to stay that stuff the million dollar question but um you know but like i said i thank you go out there today catch a mixed bag red patients some grom than some did get up in that article five dumpling goal it'd be a that'd be a good idea and down if you really want to hunt he'll next week you could kind of look around a little bit back do some scout nagata fun at didn't take weed and take back that's where no steel going to be you'll find a tick we'd which is the foodsource you're going to find a burge back in.

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