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They were concerned might be affected by radiation. The idea was that any electromagnetic emissions from potential radiation would send a charge through the compass and cause it to malfunction Betty asks for Barneys, compass. He. Fused couldn't they just drop. It did they really need to take this any further his compass was cheap amount function wouldn't prove anything. She told him to keep his opinions and give her the compass as usual, Betty got her way, she rushed outside to the car and rain was coming down lightly. Running the compass along the side of the car. She found no result. She looked to Barney, and he just shrugged, but then determined she ran to the trunk where she found the strange shiny spots from earlier. She ran the compass along an untouched part of the trunk still no results. So she brought the compass over to one of the shiny spots the needle began to spin wildly bet. He wasn't quite sure what it was yet. But something very strange was going on. And maybe just maybe had something to do with the increase in UFO sightings leading up to nineteen sixty one while the US air force had already established project blue book to examine these cases. A separate civilian organization emerged nightcap, the national investigations committee on aerial phenomena was founded by several former military personnel in a series of engineers and scientists nycacc felt that while the military was willing to acknowledge the UFO siding phenomena and take reports from affected civilians, it rarely took any of these claims seriously. And this was a problem for nightcap members who felt that the sheer volume of sightings throughout the fifties warranted. Further study, this wasn't to say that they were convinced of the existence of aliens, rather, they felt that something whether it be secret American or Russian aircraft a new cosmic phenomenon or new mental disorder was affecting average American citizens in. Essence they were an advocate for those who were affected by UFO's. Those whose stories were left uninvestigated by the military. And yes, some of them were looking to finally answer. The question of whether there is life on other planets. A few days after the incident. Barney and Betty reported their experience to the nearby Pease air force base in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. That report reads mostly as a simple UFO sighting of which had already been many in the area. It's clear that at least for now Barney was keeping his memory of the strange man in the aircraft window to himself. There was no next step with the military. They simply took the report. And that was it, however, Betty became more and more interested in the topic of UFO's. She read a book by major Donald ki-ho a founding member of Nike up on September. Twenty six nineteen sixty one Betty wrote to ki-ho hoping that he might be able to shed some light on her experience. Also around this time just a few days after the UFO citing the couple began to undergo extreme anxiety weeks. After the initial incident Barney and Betty were driving outside of Portsmouth when they approached a stalled car blocking the road. As Barney slowed down. He noticed that Betty was growing agitated in her seat. She was behaving not dissimilar -ly from when they had I been chased by the light in the White Mountains as he continued to slow. Barney saw true panic in Betty's is and she reached for the car door handle trying to escape he blocked her with one hand while steering their car around the roadblock with the other it disturbed Barney to see how his previously calm wife was now so easily reduced to such panic. It disturbed him even more that internally. He was having to hide a similar level of fear and confusion over the White Mountains incident when Bonnie pressed Betty further as to her state of mind, she revealed that she had experienced five straight nights of disturbing dreams, the dreams are so real that. They almost seem like memories when he asked her why she didn't tell him Betty pointed out that he wasn't at home when it happened as he worked the night shift and that she knew he wanted to try and put the entire UFO. Business behind him. She refused to share any further. Details. The hills finally received a response from nightcap and on October.

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