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King and Tony to cobalt former president Obama's chief of staff Rahm Emanuel says senator Bernie Sanders is stoppable despite his victory in Nevada in a recent op ed Emanuele said the Democratic Party success in the twenty twenty election will depend on the nominee's ability to appeal to moderate swing voters Emmanuel was a senior adviser to president Clinton and served two terms as mayor of Chicago in his new book the nation's city why mayors are now running the world he writes about how mayors are shaping national politics and the presidential race here's a quote mayors in cities all over the world are stepping in where national governments have stepped back the poison in our national governments has made our politics sick mayors are working every day to bring it all back to health so Bernie Sanders you say is stoppable let's put the question a little bit differently should he be stopped if Democrats want to retake the White House well look I think his candidacy is built on a false premise strategically and policy wise on the pop political side if you look at president Clinton's two wins president Obama's two wins the six in twenty eighteen mid terms they all come with the same paradigm of a victory which is a big urban big suburban turned out it's a metropolitan majority and Bernie Sanders knew which I don't want these moderate fickle voters we just have to turn out our base and to me it is never in six elections we have one one simple way it's very straightforward eight center left strategy he isn't view is forget the center we just want to be left and that's never been tried in the terminal in three elections not a big number but the least you can look at it has not been generated the way he says it has is it too big of a risk for the party too big well it's both an ideological wrist policy rise I don't think that's I don't think the country there's seventy million waiting socialist to be woken that don't know that their social status and I think when you look at all the take twenty it can just take that election you know all the rich blues districts districts we clipped and taking from Republicans were mainly in the suburban areas you take Illinois there's three in Chicago there's three suburban districts there I don't see any not one candidate who won in twenty eighteen flipping a district has yet to endorse Bernie it's survival and that means you're not only risking the presidency the Senate the house the governorships and also all the state houses for redistribution J. that's not to lose a moderate swing voters you're saying I don't he has basically as I said when I first met he's ending six successful national models of an election what does it say about the state of the Democratic Party that he's the front runner well it will result he has what it does say is you have all the opposition diffuse that's one thing the second thing is I also think it is a talk about in the book I think the intake of the example will buy and try to attack mayor Pete in fact is it rebounded to the mayor's advantage because mine was talking about in his head all the things you've done like health care Iran eccentric and ridiculed the mayor for street lights cobblestones in fact the centre grabbing politics is moved the prime minister of England former mayor of London people look at government today to get those facing the bars pretty low now because people pretty cynical about what government can do getting just as the governor of Michigan one seven a campaign just pave the cameras just to the fundamentals right you know Joe Biden while you work alongside him are we looking at the same Joe Biden that you knew from the White House or has he lost a step well look I think that Joe Biden is I think that he in twenty nineteen eighty eight when he ran in two thousand eight those weren't exactly great campaigns no I think that and I love Joe Miller offices adjacent in the west wing it is very hard given everything that's going on his life over the years I would say he's so much as lost a step because he's very energetic it's it's very hard for him given the past history to actually put the some of the campaign via when you were elected mayor of Chicago you sought advice from Michael Bloomberg mayor of New York City mmhm what advice would you give him yes a little late I would never in this you know but you go from zero to nineteen without having to be on the debate stage I think everybody I wanna know who in their campaigns that you know what let's take the what's working for us throughout the long campaign stage there's one thing I would say to you is this was true Miller ran for Senate become secretary of state also on after years of not running for office goes out on the campaign trail it takes awhile to learn this again and it was quite clear the other day he will not obey he was not ready for what was happening on the debate stage and he the other thing is personal there's like three more elections before your names on the ballot what was your rush to get on the debate you spend four hundred million dollars and one from zero to nineteen spent another four hundred million dollars you won't miss it I go a little higher why did you you didn't need to go on the stage and all it does expose the fact that he wasn't ready for prime time and he is a very it was a successful man here we all seek and one of the things as I discuss in the book all mayors learn from each other and take ideas I want to be on the on the record and something with your political future would you touch on briefly in the book and that's look cuando Donald night seventeen year old black kid shot in twenty fourteen the video of his death doesn't come out until more than a year later some people look at that and said Rahm Emanuel was trying to cover this up for his own political gain delaying justice now looking back I know you denied that but looking back would you have done anything different you know we made immediately the policy was set by lawyers going back decades in every city in the middle of educational material we looked at that since the judge said it we put the put it all out and then we immediately change the policy because what happened is the very thing of the integrity of the investigation was undermining trust and if you want safety trust is the number one between the police and community the talk in the book about the possibility might run again so you might you might not are you leaning would you what would you consider run for president if you forget about it I know I think I I was thinking about until about six thirty this morning no I think there is a thing I've run I've six for six never lost an election and were to different places Amy and I in our lives so we took I'm taking a time out of that you want to I want to understand this moment as much as I'm proud of what we've done in the city of Chicago number one on educational games on both reading and math scores graduation and college take think one example if I could eighty four percent of the kids in the city of Chicago I'm from poverty or below if they match the national average of kids at forty four percent of them go to college and another twenty one percent of the committee because everybody that tells you that those kids I thank the coke not that background they meet or exceed the national average we really made gains what I want and I do think that education if you think of income inequality is the number one challenge it's really about what a diploma divide into me those are the things that matter impact of investments I'll make a decision if it's right if it's not right I won't do it it's not a burning thing it's not a hunting thing no I mean you gotta understand the moment you had understand what you think you can add that nobody else's and if that for a moment provides I'll do it this is CBS news radio the move from sedans to SUVs is slowing a bit this is Jeff Cooper what the court chronicles other ship tested stops is I. H. S. Markit analyst Tom Libby it's more like water finding its own level it's just a matter of the industry sort of leveling off some sort of coming through in the Caribbean where everybody is sort of okay where they are the sister had been some dramatic change with truck based products last year making up more than seventy percent of sales Canaccord forever and also there are some household that have occurred in the garage that are very very content with the sedan and plan to get another one the figures sedans will settle in at about twenty two to twenty five percent of the market with the core chronicles I'm Jeff Gilbert CBS news on demand then in your hands CBS news radio and CBS news radio dot com I'm Anthony Mason with Gayle king and Tony to cobalt the number of corona virus cases outside China is growing rapidly in Europe infections have skyrocketed in Italy mark Phillips is in good Tonio southeast of Milan mark what's the response there well this is the limit to the area of northern Italy affected by the corona virus outbreak in the numbers have continued to rise the Italian health ministry says that overnight there have been more than fifty new cases bringing the total to close to three hundred police have cordoned off areas near Milan and Venice where about fifty thousand people live but the question is whether all the cases of the virus reported in Italy can be traced to this region in Venice where this is normally carnival time the party's over cancel days early the masked have changed and people are getting out of town as everywhere the deaths associated with the virus have affected the most vulnerable Luigi d'angelo is coordinating Italy's emergency response then the doctors told onscreen the that to the people of being S. died because they were in fact advised by our data programs all vanished they were over just six yeah they were already sick and the the coronavirus sense please exemplified the data they have seek but their sickness the World Health Organization has and press the panic button and has refrained from calling this a pandemic this is not an uncontained global spread they say these is it still possible to be contained but if some fatal if some do not do everything that is needed this can still become out of control with the domestic consequences in global health and the global economy and stock markets around the world were nervous after the big falls in New York yesterday more proof if any was needed that the connection between public health and economic health CBS radio and CBS news radio dot.

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Aired On Tuesday, February 25, 10 PM, On WBBM Newsradio.

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