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House of representatives for a second a special prosecutor we'd been sort of crawling toward this day yesterday was the day when trey goutierre and bob goodlatte came out and officially requested from the attorney general jeff sessions and the justice department that rod rosenstein the did fbi at the deputy attorney general rather would be the guy to select these special council the special prosecutor and that's a that's a the problem in and of itself but any case the the fight has been engaged on the question of a a second special prosecutor that would that would let's just laid out there that would go after the clinton sent all of their corruption and it's about time so we've got that going the department of justice and jeff sessions now suing the state of california because they're a breakaway republic just like in eighteen sixty one the last time the democrats wanted to break away to keep their cheap labour they're doing it again that's what they're all about and we've got oh the gary cohn leaving the white house which affects roughly zero people in america but the news media thinks that this is a giant development and its huge because there's conflict bears friction than just like in below deck or the real world new they've got a seize on then the cameras swarmed around the licht it's like the jerry springer show has become our government that my apologies to jerry springer who was comparatively honorable relative to today's so called mainstream news media so we've got that and uh and then the democrats boy this is a crazy one the trump administration wants to add a question to the census the question is are you a citizen it's a question that was part of the census for many many many years until 1950 when we stopped asking it and the democrats are dead set against asking this question are you a citizen it's great this is just it reveals them once again the trump administration just roles this handgrenade down the hall the democrats jump on it and it just hilarious i'll get to that all of that this morning and plenty of other items as well would you be aware of a criminal were casing your home right now were maybe already inside well you could no because i've got a deal.

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