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A host for the oscars or jeopardy. I'm sure you heard the new jeopardy guy is out because he said bubis in two thousand fourteen. This is where your new ahfghani roommates that you took in will prove so valuable because they'll turn to you and say have you lost your being. Have you have you ever heard of honor. Killings public beheadings. Throwing gay men off of roofs arranged marriages to minors date sanctioned wife-beating female genital mutilation marriage by capture. Because we have. What's the lesson about ghanistan. Maybe it's that everyone from the giant room session. That is the internet. Should take a good look. At what real oppression. Looks like. ask your made ask. Your driver asked the asian woman giving you a massage. She'll tell you. This place is shangri la and not just big as she works in a place called shangri la. You may not be the country of your faculty lounge in twitter dreams but no one here tries to escape by hanging on to an aeroplane thank you know for sure we wait till we're inside the plane to fight only because they cut off the beverage service. Yeah our problems here. Even our problems are.

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