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Into the office on my first day here it was Yahoo maps I think in an instructions on pick up my rental car and drive myself to work and that was in transport so the drive down ninety five south to transport and mind you in Malaysia we drive on the side of the road so so can often we drive so I've never drew driven on this side of the road before in my life the rate side the the the correct way the rates are you guys yes you guys will get crazy driving I don't know so I came out of the airport on I ninety five four damn time four in the morning I thought you know I'm GonNa just take a slow drive and I was slow Jehovah Ninety five God for five minutes at four in the morning on the opposite side of I ninety five minutes there were no cars so I didn't know I didn't have a point of view and I got onto I ninety five one in five minutes later I see this life from a distance and they got nearer and narratives ask why why is this coming so near to me and that was when I realized Oh shit why and trains and automobiles eh lucky early morning when you got here yeah yeah so I was able to pull aside I was shaken at that time or at was able to compose myself an after that trying to figure out how do I make a u-turn edifice remember that time that near the airport the minute you come out of the airport there was this big huge pot of garbage metal scraps in Philadelphia I was expecting palm trees maybe I got his huge. We're the lifeguard the smashed up cars special cars method like You know almost myself and that's when I read is hone aramoc right yeah it it did not it did not think in you know what what Philly is an impression that I had of America before I came here it does did not match it took a while you're out yeah probably shook you up my access thing about Philadelphia they're like year to sneak around it gets better really it gets better yeah when you moved here in two thousand there weren't really that many restaurants I mean just in general yeah you've been here for the whole do you think that that boom part of what inspired you to go into restaurants it is it is I remember when I first came here looking for a taste don't know us nothing there was nothing yet Chinese food here in two thousand was horrible bad remember eating Chinese press time instance this is not Chinese food even in Chinatown it wasn't the Chinese word that I knew and a lot has changed and availability of ingredients and equality ridden has increased so much in actually I think in the last ten years nothing because of immigration in the last ten years we we had and not of especially Southeast Asian immigrants here and the diversity of immigrants here is what made the food scene much better because they brought ingredients that was never available here at the twenty years ago we would not have I would not have access to automation two years ago it was due challenging define night banana leaves at freshman bananas so it wasn't even available here we actually created a market for fresh green Donna leaves three and a half years ago bringing it up from Florida bringing it out from Mexico and and now we could actually have haven't here in the city and Asian Arabs restaurant every summer.

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