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A bit and you're talking about getting edgy look a little bit cranking more than normal yeah i think i won my actual coworkers here yeah well seen that right there could be a low dopamine levels and it can be low testosterone levels so those two key factors right there that when when he hit rule snappy and you know you're being savvy and when you've done you think why why the world's i usually deaths alone dopamine dopamine is a real key brain chemical and when it when it gets slow on a guy it really is not a pretty sight because we get real grumpy like an all him like a real old man than down and it just becomes an issue that saso levels drop in the correlate so the dopamine levels in testosterone the correlate together here both drops so noah those levels out is a real important piece to the puzzle so i would look at that from nutritional perspective of ways to build up dopamine levels um by v six zero good way to do that p five p is what its hall and in your your food sources amine proteins are the big ones chicken fish beef eggs all this kennedy's can help build your dopamine levels up dark chocolate believe it or not is a big one debt supports building up by healthy dopamine levels so look into some of that and get your blood work done i i would recommend that too i mean i just i'm a huge go your primary care kinda guy and if if you don't give his goals a year at least covering um volunteer to your blood were dying ally going every six months and getting an overall blood profile just to see what kind of changes might become knin the pipeline in the overall labs making sugar numbers are where they need to be shown keeps you ahead of a games of the game busy as you kind of thing but yeah i would look at it as that word vitamin supplement you might need as of yet you county in the test and i agree with the nature path that you saw that that'll be a good way to go and you get started legacy foundation seen numbers are high and low in the building it's all a game plan from there okay thanks for the call triple eight two eight three seven two seven two.

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