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Johnson and Paul Dallas clashed at yet another television debate last night. Johnson said one of the solutions to violent crime is more jobs for teenagers. That would be the amount of young people that we hire, there's a direct correlation between youth employment and violence reduction. We're going to pass treatment now trauma, open up our mental health centers. And of course, we're going to make sure that we're creating jobs because economic stability is safety. But valor says there are things Johnson should commit to if he's serious about cutting crime. My opponent wants to defund the police. He doesn't want to fill the 1100 vacancy. He does not want to bring back retired officers or invite other officers who have left to return without any loss of seniority. So at the end of the day, what you've got to do is you've got to fill the ranks the debate was sponsored by ABC 7 Univision and the league of women voters. Both men will debate each other again next Tuesday night at 7 p.m. on WGN TV. Earlier in the day, both candidates picked up another round of endorsements, 18 Ford alderman Derek Curtis endorsed valis and said he's been asked by constituents why he's lending his support. Why are you going with Paul valley? And I asked I asked my constituent. Listen, with all the crime we have going on all over the cross the city, if we define the police, we're going to call the Ghostbusters. Chicago fires firefighters union, local two also endorsed phallus yesterday. As for Johnson, state representative cam Buckner, who ran against him in the primary, became the first former candidate from the primary election to endorse him. Buckner called this election an opportunity to separate the city from the status quo of the past. As a native son of this city of a native south sider who loves Chicago, I'm from the hundreds I live in in brasov, I'm raising my family here. I want Chicago to be the best version of itself. The runoff election is set for April 4th. Illinois House Republicans are pushing legislation to help prevent fentanyl related deaths. Under the bill, retailers and pharmacists would be able to sell fentanyl test strips and county health departments could distribute them for free. The ships can detect the presence of fentanyl in the drug, which is vital since only a trace amount can potentially kill someone. Representatives, Jeff kicker of sycamore, lost the cousin to a fentanyl related overdose. As we look at fentanyl, we look at the damage that it's doing, not only to our state, but our nation and the expediency with which we need to make sure the tools are available that we can solve the problem on the front end before we have deaths on the back end. The house GOP has another bill increasing the penalties for selling fen the lay's drugs, but it hasn't gained any traction yet. The Senate finance committee held an emergency hearing on Thursday on the health of the country's banking system. News nations and wernicke has that story. Just days after two of the largest bank failures in U.S. history. Treasury secretary Janet Yellen told lawmakers the U.S. banking system remains strong. Our banking system is sound. And Yellen says Americans can feel confident their deposits are protected. The government took decisive and forceful actions to stabilize and strengthen public confidence in our financial system. Democrats on the committee, a plot of the government's quick intervention for averting a potential banking crisis, but Republicans blame the bank failures on President Biden's economic policies. And for the second time this week, two brothers wrongly convicted of murder did not leave the Cook County courthouse yesterday whether certificates of innocence. They'll have to wait until May. WGN's Eric wrong is more. It has been a very long journey for Sean Tyler and reginald Henderson, the brothers who are now in their 40s are said to be victims of police torture under disgraced former Chicago police commander Jon burge. Tyler and Henderson were just 17 and 18 years old when they were convicted of a 1994 murder. Their confessions, they say, were coerced out of them by detectives working for burge. They were both exonerated and freed in 2021, but they didn't get that certificate of innocent. For unknown reasons, the cacao state's attorney's office held up a certificate, certainly this week. A certificate of in a sense completely wipes a record's clean and makes them eligible for $200,000 from the state. Switching over to sports now WGN sports time is 1204. Northwestern went wire to wire to beat the Boise state Bronco 75 67 marching on to the second round of the NCAA tournament. They're going to face UCLA on Saturday. The wildcats were led by their premier backcourt duo of boo boo and chase Audi, combining for 43 points. Illinois tournament is over though after falling 73 63 to Arkansas, Terrence Shannon, led the Alana with 20. The bears made three more signings official adding running back Deontay foreman tight end Robert Tony and defensive tackle Andrew billings all to one year deals. The Blackhawks beat the predators two to one. The bulls hosted Timberwolves later tonight

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