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Next Jane in Sharon, gene. Jane, welcome. You're on you're on the ringcentral nightside. Call a line. Jane talking about a pretty serious ads subject. Well, I wanna say I that I think it's a horrendous situation. And I'm very sorry for that woman family. And I want to briefly mentioned that I don't understand what a man actually get out of taking a woman, and then killing her if you know this day and age most people are caught and it's like is that really worth it. But that's not the big thing. I want to say I listen to not often. But when I can I do, and I love the things you say, but I take I have a little problem with one thing that you said tonight that was that women get taken by no fault of their own and anybody who is out drinking, and who may be a little bit intoxicated has done that to themselves. So that's the first thing. You can't be as vigilant women shouldn't have to be. But that's the times that we are living in and. And if someone is going out drinking is doing anything that might be impairing their faculties, then there should be some ownership of that. Jane, let me respond if I could there's a concept in and civil law, call comparative negligence, so if someone who let's see gets injured in an accident if they have contributed in some way to that accident, you you might say well the thirty percent at fall to their twenty percent at fault. Women have a right. And you know, this, and I know this women have a right to go out and enjoy themselves. Just like men do and. And there's all sorts of things we can talk about. And certainly, I agree to some extent that you have to make sure that you you drink when you're out publicly in a way in which you can handle it and even one drink will in some way, slow down your reaction. But there are a lot of other things make sure that if you are going to have a drink at a bar you had that drink in your hand or in your line of vision. So no one puts something in that drink. And that's exactly what I wanted to say. There is a responsibility that the individual hats. We. This day and age people don't take responsibility for themselves. The same time chain if we follow what you're saying too. It's a illogical ultimately logical conclusion that would mean that women would have to stay home and never go out. And if they do go out never have a drink to enjoy that never, relax. I'm met at all. My my comment is really that. If a person's going to go out and drink that's fine, go out and drink, but make sure that you stay with a friend. Stay with somebody else. On your own good. I also kind of feel that what the last caller Brian said, I very much agree with most of what was said during that conversation. And I don't know if some of it's a generational thing. Because you know, I'm in the same generation is he is. But I think women should have the opportunity more easily accessible to learn self defense as well as just being more aware the previous few previous callers who said that she noticed someone watching her once she got off the train. Absolutely. He was aware in house to do. And I think it's a horrendous thing that we have to be vigilant, but we do, and I even be skeptical about men coming to my assistance. If I don't know who they are. Because Jay janey of open up a whole bunch of issues. I wanna get people to respond to the issues. If you're if you're in distress, you you you look for help from wherever it comes from. I would I'm sure that Jane thank you so much for your call. All great point six one seven two five four ten thirty triple eight nine thousand nine hundred thirty Gloria is in Gloucester. Hi, gloria. How are you? Hi, dan. I wanna say my heart is pounding for these parents. I'm putting myself in their position. But this is not a simple case of sexual urges. This is admirable behavior. I just would like to know why these men have to go ahead and murder the women. No. You know, you mentioned what kind of profession this man within. There was a man from Connecticut. Michael Ross he was up a mass murder, and he was in the same profession. He was in computers. He's a bright, man. Good. Looking man. Everybody said the same thing about him that they said about this guy. I don't know if if you're as old as I am, but one of my listeners just emailed me. And it's the headline is thinking about kitty Genevieve kitty Genevieve from New York from New York woman in the mid nineteen sixties. I knew what year it was. I think it was nineteen sixty five. She was raped and murdered in the courtyard of an apartment building. And she was screaming for help. No one even called nine one. Yeah. When the investigation occurred, they were probably I don't know. Whether it was two dozen people who had heard her screen who had heard her screams and her distress night. So maybe they could not here. But no one went out to sell to save it. No one else to investigate. No one even called nine one one. How about that? My my emailer. Who I know very well rights alas have we have we progressed as a society since Kinney Genevieve's. I really can't say well. As far as helping a woman on a train. A man doesn't have to approach someone and be aggressive. He can say, hey, you know. Say he's introduce himself as a neighbor, a friend. You know, hey, I saw the other day LA LA LA just start a conversation and to try to get her out of that situation. I mean, that's not gonna do anything that the guy who's been a move onto other women. Well, the train situation we're talking about. And I think it was married to describe that. If I'm not mistaken, and she's there this guy has focused on her yelling at her deleted and a bunch of guys in the train. All look the other way we second. How was that all about? You know, I don't think men are trained to assist her. We're told if you see something say something, I think to add to it. If you see something maybe do something what you say. You don't have to punch the guy in the face. Just tell a story. One day in college at school three or four if there's three or four guys, I contacted you say boys, let's go. Everybody gets up confronts the guy and do what you gotta do is look it happens. All the time. You read the story in the airplane some guy acts up on an airplane at five guys jump up and they to the floor. Well, you an airplane. You can do it in a train Gloria. I gotta run. Thank you so much talk to you soon. Let's go to Gary in Medford and Medford to Gary you're next on nightside of the ringcentral nightside. Call a line. Go ahead. Gary. Hey, how you doing? I'm doing fine. Great great. I always love topic. And the people you have on your show. Your audience. This talk real quick. I was really so sad to hear what happened to Jesse Societa. I saw on the news this morning. She was listen to picture that there that I've been looking for van all day long. That's similar to it than the ones. I did. I looked at the passenger that was women. I knew it was them. But I get real quick. 'cause something I heard you mention now a couple of times on hold. But I didn't hear what I dialed is. Yes, call nine one one. You never know what you're gonna do in a situation people then. And there was one time that I didn't and she was mounted in my testimony did convict the guy. What I asked the police what I could do. They said you could've called us because she did leave with the guy that murder. I did try to help her. The bar at left the bar. You mean? The bar was industry by TV garden. I did try to help him. You're a witness who then him should still dentists the next morning when I heard of a murder in the same vicinity, and I call the palm aside and. Okay. Yes. The dentist office because you took a shot to the teeth. I assume right. No, okay. I read. Guy. He hit his here raped like he had a gun under it at. I was making sure it's thinking pointed at me. But at the same time right was able to try and get the girl to come with me. What was the result? Let me ask you. What was the result of the trial conviction? Yes. Murder one murder two. I'm not sure because I didn't go to the trial. He confessed before where interest testimony I provided. Okay. Gary predates you call interest. I hate to Gary back him up on my break. So I gotta let you go. We'll catch you catch you next time. Thanks, pal. Appreciate a six one seven two five four ten thirty. Triple eight nine thousand nine ten thirty nine twenty eight time for.

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