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It's I I had thought of it that way. It's just terrible. So I want wanna quick little message for United fans. I was thinking about it is that game. This is rock bottom. Like, this is rock bottom Southampton firing their manager because they drew with you is like rock bottom. So everybody else you can it out. You don't have to listen this. But basically point being is like win next time. You get together with the United watch United with your fellow France and friends and everything looked you're left with your right? Those are the real United fans now because you are at rock-bottom all the plastics, which there have been a lot of plastic. United fans out there giving their you know, success and longstanding outspending outplaying everybody mantra. Now, it feels like we've now boiled off some of the froth some of the, you know, the the non-real fans the people who are now sticking by United are in heaven become suddenly like PS, she fans or by music fans or Barscelona fans. Those are the real United fans were now like getting down to the real ones. So when United turns us around in. I'm sad to say they will turn this around. They will finally fire their manager. I really hope they don't, but they're going to at some point. They're going to spend more money than God. Because that's what they have. And they're gonna be back. They will be back when they do then you'll know you'll know who the real fans are in you know, who the plastics because the plastics will be back. When United starts wouldn't agains plastics will be back. And you know, who the real fans are now. So that's the silver lining. We have an eight point lead on them right now. Both of us. That sounds about. Right. Yep. I mean, they're gonna end up signing somebody that I love the kinda pissed me off greatly like Amaro Cardi or somebody in January. I bet. Ooh. I think they're going to go the other way, I think they'll try and go after I actually saw a lot of a lot of rumors variety which wouldn't be shocked. They're gonna go defense. They have to go too long. I mean with Lindelof out the have to. They will those this is rock bottom. Manno man. I just I just got a thought in my head that we could be we could drive the stake arsenal could drive the stake through Josie Marino's position. Yeah. You could. I mean, this this hurts to say because the firing Joe Joe's Avery, it would be like my nightmare. But you guys could very well do it if you like actually embarrass them if we've written we're gonna get to the previous we're going to give the previous suit off. It's going to be at Old Trafford if you guys go in there and just stop on them that they wrote all for avenue. I hadn't even considered it. We'll get there. We'll get there soon. So united. That's rough in Southampton. Also rough that's a game that the no fan came away. Feeling centered sore as I officially offered my contract to might diminutive eleven so he's in there. Refers goal since twenty thirteen anywhere. He that free. Kick goal, right? Yes. That was really nice. That was a really nice school. I mean, if David Hale can't score to can't stop it on a on a free kick. It was definitely a quality the best player on the pitch for either side was Mario Amina..

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