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Are you saying that the chronological like the daytime nighttime order of scenes to a certain degree it was almost like you could kind of throw some things out the window a little bit and be like it's okay the the get go. Yeah you know but you then you need to know the scripts and if you said okay well that'd be fun if we if we have someone getting an avid ten. In the moment he would have a low sun coming in yes streaming in through like. Oh if we put the sun haya we put the light. That's creating the some high then. It's all weird and not fits annihilation weirdness. They like a high almost top-flight some. I can't remember whether we did this because we won't. This is me solve almost going through that decision making process where you might be interested. Can we do that. But then you might look script and oshawa five scenes. They need to travel where they need to travel needs to suggest that they've walked for eight hours to get to the next place. And when they get to the next place. We know that it's mid-afternoon. Oh we can't do that. Should we need okay on this time needs to be low and it needs to be more normal. Maybe so i think for me the the the saw them going through the script for you to kind of be looking for you know as far as like i guess clues things that you can try things that you can do and i guess the advantage to go back to. I hope it's your question about the story. All side of things into j- the advantage is that you you know that you're not going to shoot yourself in the foot. I guess because. I know one of the jobs occasionally. You might like something. We've done it like a disc field and then subscription script changes made the you know a scene..

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