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Yes just like we've seen in all those video again. This is before you were born sammy. That's why they put in this movie because it's a reference to a thing from before you were born The target audience that when you put mentos into soda it gets foamy so they did it deal aware of that. I don't know that there's they don't teach it in schools anymore. I don't think thanks a critical race theory. Strong armstrong capture. They capture armstrong. The baby and sewer lights my joke about the as my character of the parent. Who's mad that they're teaching race theory and not make those it. Tell them about the part at the android area okay. Well let's we'll we get to that part. We'll talk okay. Tim and ted returned to the north. Tim returns to his normal age. Just in time to catch. Tabitha is falling from the tree and their reconciled. Armstrong is lonely seeing these. This family reunited. The adults are all on brainwashed. And start applauding. I don't think they know what's going on. But for some reason they know to applaud that something has happened Tina reveals that her real mission from baby core was to get ted tim back together and stopping. Dr armstrong from overthrowing the human grown up world was just a bonus. We go back to their home for christmas or big family. Ted gives him a big statue of tim holding a mug that says world's greatest dad letter that says a letter. That's like you're the best i love you. I'm sorry that i couldn't be there. But then then are tim get hit by snowball and it turns out. It's ted and he is here. It was a trick. And how could he. How could he have delivered those presents. Not being there have like a like a like a task laws yeah but also like razor knocks on the door. Well the guests often we get a knock on the door. And then i'll go there and there's nobody there magically delivered see someone exit the gate yes that's true so they play brothers and the snow and the whole family goes out and it seems like carol learns tina's secret she's carol is tim's wife fleet by your favorite longoria and they're all happy and that's when we get the final little coda what happens when they're all happy family at the so like what is tina. Say she's like attempt teams like well. That's the whole story in tina's like well there's one more thing it it goes to armstrong returning to his own house and his parents are so happy. Yes as i would be sammy if you ran away and then came back. I'd be so happy. Don't run away though. just. I'm happier with you just staying here okay. Kids all the kids listening the flop house. What's the lesson sammy. Don't run away..

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