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Selling a big budget proposal. I'm steve rappoport fox news. The biden administration pushing the president's six trillion dollar budget proposal despite swift opposition from republicans transportation secretary pete footage on fox news sunday. You can't get something for nothing. And in the near term. We know that we need to make major investments in roads and bridges and our education in our health. We can't afford not to do these things so we know what the president's proposing what's going to become reality. That's the big question. This is a debate. That's going to last several more months. The white house still talking with senate republicans about a potential deal on infrastructure both sides still apart on a final number and what should be included as infrastructure. Those talks still ongoing. Fox's mark meredith president biden putting politics aside to remember those who gave their lives for our country. We're not democrats republicans. Today we're americans were america's has given me live remind everybody who we are the president that a memorial day service in new castle delaware. He's expected to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier in arlington national cemetery. Tomorrow the search is on for three. People suspected of opening fire outside of banquet hall in south florida overnight. At least two people were killed. Twenty to twenty five people were also injured or wounded but did survive in fact so many they had to be taken to multiple miami area hospitals. This mass shooting comes one night after one. Downtown near downtown. Miami and the very trendy windward district seven people were shot there. Friday night in a drive-by shooting at one of those people ended up dying memorial day weekend. Choose three nights a mass shootings still two nights ago. Fox's phil keating in miami dade county authorities say. The shooting was not random. America is listening to fox news. You're still running your business on quickbooks. More like quicksand. The bigger company grows the faster you sync with outdated software suite. By oracle is the scalable solution to run all key back office operations no matter how big your company grows ninety. Three percent of surveyed organizations increased visibility and control since making the switch quickbooks to net sweet right now nets what is offering a one of a kind financing program headed net sweet dot com slash fox that special financing at that sweet dot com slash fox. That's dot com slash fox rival parties in israel's parliament joining forces to oust prime minister. Benjamin netanyahu a right wing political opponent of benjamin announced this evening. He is forming a coalition. Which could mean that. Benjamin netanyahu's record-setting historic term. Prime minister is in its final days. Neftali bennett announced this evening. That has you mean. A party is forming a coalition with the centrist. Yeesh a tea party and their leader. Your lupi who used to be a news anchor here in israel. The politicians in this coalition now called the government of change have little in common other than their staunch opposition to netanyahu. fox's mike tobin in jerusalem a cold wet holiday weekend for much of the nation not the warmest our unofficial kickoff to summer taking you into some of the cooler spots still a whole lot of fifties fifty degrees in new york city fifty degrees up in boston. And it's not just the cool air. It's all that rain continues to kind of be stuck in place. It has been a soggy forty eight hours and that is not over yet. Likely going to last at least through the overnight hours into early monday before this system finally clears out. It's not the only spot where we're tracking rain. Big line of storms from the upper midwest stretching back into portions of west texas all areas where we've seen at time severe weather fox news meteorologist. Adam clots some areas out west seeing triple digit temperatures. Making history at the indy. Five hundred a packed house was on hand to witness a record-tying performance from elliot. Castro neves at the brickyard. Sunday sound courtesy of nbc sports. The forty six year old brazilian held off alex polo to win his fourth. Indy five hundred joining. Aj foyt al unser and rick mears as the only drivers to accomplish that feat. Casanovas took the checkered flag in front of one hundred and thirty five thousand fans at indianapolis. It was the largest crowd at a. Us sporting event this year right mayor fox news. I'm steve rappaport. And this is fox. News at peter millar they believe that innovation and performance powerless never ending pursuit each season. They aim to push their designs and their function to the next level. They're obsessed with optimizing every detail and cutting edge performance. Where they're peter crowns sport. 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