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And then the other point that the documentary made and I will link to the documentary, which was the toxic world of self. Help the other, really good point that they made in. It was that there's this. There's this ethically hazardous business model in self help. Where the where the self help guru puts out like a bunch of free content, that's really quite good. That attracts a lot of attention, and then they up sell people to different types of courses and different types of programs, but really the the good content is the content that's for free, and they kind of make you. The Self Help Guru will make you kinda think that the. That, the courses being sold are. Better stuff than the free content that they're putting out on Youtube podcasts, or whatever, and it's actually usually the reverse. It's almost always the free content. That's that's that's better, and then it's the course content that's inferior, which is which is unfortunate, but that's really the consistent trend I've been following a lot of I've been following that guy. Coffee Coffee Zillah whatever his name is on Youtube Sti is his name is Steve Okay. I hope to interview him sometime soon and the point that he makes over and over again. Is that. These of most gurus they're paid. Content is is far inferior to their free YouTube content that they're putting out there and so the. So I took an over the course of my life. I've took in different courses online, and that's been my experience, too. Is that the is that the paid courses there? You're usually not. They're usually not that great and that you can almost always actually get more personal development out of books. My experience has been that I always get more personal growth. That's meaningful out of reading books than I do out of courses on the Internet they cost thirty nine dollars or forty nine dollars or ninety seven dollars so. Remember? V Tristan Tait Oh. Yes, yes, yes, apparently, for what is it twelve hundred and ninety seven euros? He will teach me how to be a how to have my own Webcam `haram. So I. Don't know if you're ever interested in that babe. It's only early twelve hundred ninety seven euros away from. From that. You know maybe we can employ your Pomeranian errol aerial. It'll work out well, okay. So those are those are my comments on that? Let's move onto the next question. Yeah, from Deland. Bear Guam on medium he's responding to. By twenty twenty I will know if Western civilization is doomed..

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