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Online for details after promo, regular weight supply. It's two 38. Traffic and weather. On the 8s back to Dave dildine in the WTO traffic setting. At arundel county toward the eastern shore, eastbound on route 50 delays near sandy point remain. The broken down car on the bay bridge does not. It was towed off the bridge about 5 minutes ago in just a few seconds ago, the left lane on the eastbound span reopened, so both lanes on the eastbound span opened, waiting to see if the new swing gates move into a two way pattern at the crossover. Right now, no two way traffic. Brandy wine route three O one, northbound between the brandywine, crossing shopping center, and branch avenue split, delays lead to a crash northbound on three O one, had one enforced Bill en route four, Pennsylvania avenue had forced Bill road at the intersection, north of town on 95 northbound traffic is slow to a point in Colombia between 32 and one 75 roadwork on the right. This one has a track record of malingering into the beginning of rush hour, so we'll keep an eye on it. It did that yesterday. Baltimore, Washington Parkway, no crashes, no work zones, and volume delays is all you have to fight through. Two 70 and good shape, 15 northbound still slow into Frederick, but they're clearing the work zone north of Rosemont avenue. In Virginia, Hitler loop of the beltway between the toll road and Georgetown pike. They're picking up and reopening the left lane, traffic will stay slow and just west of the beltway on Georgetown pie traffic was held by crash response near Scott's run on Georgetown pike, George Washington Parkway, northbound two slowdowns, two work zones beyond Wendy run and near turkey run traffic getting by single file in both cases. Fredericksburg, northbound on 95, still riding the brakes, near route 17, the work zone on the left, not for much longer, and they're beginning to pick up the cones on three 95 north of edsel road and making moves to reopen that right travel lane. Power up on poultry at Whole Foods market organic air chilled boneless skinless chicken breast is just 7 99 per pound with prime through March 14th while supplies last, shop in store or online terms apply. Dave Dahl dine, WTO traffic. Let's check out the forecast with storm team four meteorologist Mike staniford. Mostly sunny skies and pleasant temperatures this afternoon look for a high in the mid to upper 50s. Storm system comes our way

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