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Have the basics of the offense was still be as and buyers now philosophy and you saw go deep before halftime. That's their philosophy. Let's take shots. Which i loved for me But then we also like so many so many more checks at the line Because before we didn't really have any kind of just like lineup. read the defense in. Do your job. But then. Tom was really trying to figure out manners on get a lot of indicators that quarterback peyton he was the master that so just kind of implemented. That sounds and once we did that. I mean we were very difficult to stop. I am happy to know that. I don't know who all had to get on the table for that conversation to happen for ba. Who is at a lot of success with his offense in byron. Who's at a lot of success in that offense and a lot of places in whether it was clyde or other coaches or maybe even. It was just tom everybody else saying. Hey listen we're not going to change your offense okay. But i mean. I've been in the game for twenty four years. This is my offense. That i run is anyway. We give up because that was the conversation going into the season. who's offense. Is it going to be going to be. Tom's is it going to be be. As tom even said like for twenty years everybody had come to me to ask the answers for an offense. This time i'm going to people. We wondered when the evolution would happen that late by week. I assume delayed it a little bit but on the other side of that thing. You guys were fucking buzz in defense by the way your defensive. So damn good. I think that's why the thought of going undefeated is real because your team seems to be absolutely stacked that has to be a great feeling you know we got like a star like every single position and then the depth is just tremendous do that. Don't great great job drafting. So i mean like you said the saints game. We were kind of showing on offense that playoff game But our defense had like three pigs or something. I mean they were just constantly giving us the ball. Back safe can do anything. I mean they did a great job. Connor go ahead. Yeah scottie how would you grade coach. Q shipley transition from stud center to. I believe offensive line coach now. Assistant assistant assistant q. Is doing a great job He's a funny guy. He's been waiting. He loves walking. He's trying to lose some weight so he does walking around the field staying in shape always in the weight room But he's great. He's a he's going to be a great to have around. We all loved him when he i think he's showed up and like right before the first game last year but we just loved having him around so he's a great addition. Stop go ahead and if you want to experience life a little bit through the eyes of a a hilarious ridiculous bar burien of a man. Just go ahead and sit by him for ten twenty minutes. You'll probably come one of your favorite humans as you have for us scotty. We can't thank you man. Why why are you. How'd you involve a celsius. We're lucky that they wanted to sponsor the show. Then we started drinking. And we're like. Oh god damn this is it is so good. It is so good pretty. Good yeah yeah. Similar similar with me. I have been drinking at For a while now ordering on my own and then they kind of came to me and wanted to kind of partner up and do stuff together saw like perfect. I love to jerk. I use it all before. We're guys whatever. Just good in general. So that thought. The partnership was perfect They've been great to a loved working with them. Like i said they have new. They've new protein bars. Come out with two saw fast there so juicy it makes no. I'm not. Here's the salted caramel peanut. This it makes. It makes no sense by the way they they say. There's only two hundred twenty calories but there's no sugars. I don't think in its amount. It's like protein bar or whatever. And it's like it's it's actually like look must be like must be cardboard. These things are supposed to be fucking cardboard there. I don't understand how they're doing it. This this has no sugar. Had no idea how they're doing everything's as it's a scientific mystery to me pal. I feel the same way. Yeah i actually. I work out this morning at a low cookies and cream vice bar. I could iran all day. See this is an incredible at. They do not pay enough to have this conversation but they have provided they have provided enough for my life. That i just wanna say thank you. I love these in. The crash is not bad at all. And it's hard to find in tampa. We're down there in tampa every single week. These heaters the pounders very hard to find down there. Game changer for me. Go ahead nick. Scott your dollar tampa probably hearing a lot of boats boss votes. Bring us thing home on friday night. Game seven or you hockey back home. We're only one eight. Oh so our best. One of our best players got banged up last night. Hopefully it'll be alright on how but Sturdy bring home probably gonna have grotto crazy. Get everybody hyped up at the stadium or something like that so go bring home. Are you going thought about only been to one game saturday. Go go yeah. we'll see. Hey it's it's this okay. It's this but in an arena hockey arenas are it is unbelievable. So ladies and gentlemen super bowl champion. Thank you so much for making time brother. Sorry about mutiny earlier. it's good talking to you. You tell the dog. We said piece to scotty votes. Aj your big mute. Had you love these protein bars. Have you ever seen one do that. I have not. I thought you were gonna eat it. Live on air. I'm fasting. still come on you. It's a lifestyle fitness fitness influence. My battle now. I'm a lifestyle. There's just lifestyle different. Although i did eat little late last night at my wife's event which was awesome. I extended the the eating window for another thirty forty five minutes. It was worth it. Good food so good chicken kata with a little bit. Didn't fish there at that big old table and just sit there and pow said no. No no no my windows closed and you don't eat when thirty other people around you. Are i wanna how it would have been very above it zoom. Your wife would be honest seriously. Just please what are you. But i would have passed the me and the food and the broccoli which had long stems worthy long-stemmed broccoli. What is that is that one but it. Maybe brock leany tita leaning couple of broccoli i would just moved that right over to pablo escobar looking guy and he would have just eaten that whole absolutely delicious but i would have done that. Come on it was my wife. I event i'm gonna eat them and enjoy. Hey made a cocktail dog. On dockery champagne had we chug some wind. It was The the viejo reserve seven twenty. Y'all it's.

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