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It and then and then opine online. Yeah and again. I i think that you know for the most for in israel say it might twenties. I stupid things to her exactly. But here's the thing his thing. My kids are smarter than me. When i was in my twenties i again. We're not talking about your kids. We're talking even other kids. I know and that's the because it is a sub group. That's always the problem. It's always and again. When i say when i kid when i take kids i mean kids that have an effect on the world. I'm not talking about you know. Twelve thirteen year olds. I'm talking about twenty twenty five year olds that the kids that are actually coming into the world and saying hey. I have a say in how we do things. Those people are the ones that i'm talking about that. I don't think have been educated very well by us. The last twenty years and i actually don't think they. I don't think that group is a my majority that you're worried. I think the majority is the exact opposite. Most demographic that i look at says that those kids are loud. And certainly like for a you know. There's so here's here's the gladiator. Bob is rome the loudest people move. The mob is wrong the mob. The mob isn't just because isn't allow this. In fact often the mob will turn on the right. No it's not that's the point okay. Decision on the loudest people right. So just because you're not a small at that is that is that is so about humans that isn't born out. In fact often the loudest person is the least listen to because corporate Corporations have responded to loud campaigns online without even thinking oh loudness we set back is loudness. Oh we stopped that loudness and the mob has power. Not going again will again. That doesn't mean you have to look at what are people being loud about invariably again. That's the thing like i said it's it comes so sometimes someone is loud but they're actually speaking for a lot of people that are quiet. Sometimes people are loud and they're speaking for a lot of people who aren't there. They're not speaking anyone but people so for example and let me give you an so again going back to the eighties. There was a time your career could be ended. If you're out of his day zack's his career ain't going no place. Thank you very much and nor how loud you can be with allows. Zack's no-one cares has little out naza. Does the good songs that the kids today like Any does the dances. And he's got crazy. Videos naturally could stay like and nobody cares that you don't like him for completely unrelated musical you know. And that's the thing it's like in war will Little and notes Axe not little bag set sets my failure. you know. I think that that says that you know what it doesn't matter how loud you are if you're super still if you are loud. It's great if other people agree with you and just sort of like yeah. You know i'm not gonna go. Make a whole host of apply agree with them and for corporation. They can sort of figure that out. Somehow they have another algorithm figures that out. It's like oh okay this thing. This is a bad choice. This is not playing well and we see that honestly it never really pays off in the long rest easy. you know. it's like you know you can get ed snider cut with tax ity. You're not gonna get reversal taxes. And that's just the reality of story that you're gonna get a lot more a lot more. You're going to get a lot more flies with honey and a gun than you will with just a gun. So that is. I think that i think is is my thought on this. We have gone way off topic. But you know loki inspires tricks us into talking things that were unrelated to show because it was so just to think about all the things that he gives us so right. And that's what these stories serve is for us to be able to explore these ideas to figure out how we actually feel about them by talking about them. Our full thing with all of marvel's that gives us the opportunity to have these conversations. And that is why loki now does not call himself. The god of lies michigan. The comics got of stories. Oh because what is a story but just a really good lie that you want to believe slack. The mc as If people would like actually. I let's talk about a couple of quick things You've been listening to our show If you under the show notes you're gonna find links to things like linked tree Which will take you to affiliated shows. We're all part of the network We also have a feed capes lunatic. I don't know if you can hear me but you cut out for a second. Yes go down to the show notes online tree. T-that e i think it is. I don't know. I forget what it is but go to figure it out. You just go to show notes show notes. Show notes are i. Don't really pay attention to these things. There you're gonna collect gonna be able to take to our merch. 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