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If you wanted to know what both sham buckler stood foreign stands for still with the michigan football programme was the team the team the team and i never understood the genesis of that until at a chance to visit west point we at western michigan university at a chance to play the army air and walked around campus and saw this fantastic stat statue of douglas macarthur in under the statue was the inscription the core the core the core and that was his his great uh great mantra and i think at some point time i'm just speculating here but i think some time bull had seen that the team the team the team or the core the core the core and translated in the deemed the teams deep but every day i was here for seven years i could every day i was a rounded at some point in time that message was sent about the team the importance of of the team and it said best every saturday afternoon in the stadium a in the third quarter bogus on the the screen and they talk about the team no player no coach is more important than a tv and he believed and coaches believed in in the players believed in it because it was all about the team making your team better and his talks about going into the pro someday you go into the pro you'll play football joe never play against the team you'll pay for money you'll play for recognition you'll pay for contract but you won't play as a team and we all know when it's all spend on michigan a win the championship again and that is what this programme is all about it in such a joy for jackie and myself cgm here as the head coach him to watch the team play and watch practice no watch the the the team comes together the team the team the team is still is and and and again in baltimore with the ravens you go to visit john you sit in the back of the team room.

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