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More. Current bands that are just kind of coming up into the seeing is. Always a weird thing. It depends on how and when you can get in a lot of the Times. Will say, all right. Let's take banned axes the hot up and coming back go and they're like. No No we can't headline your legend. We WanNA play to your fans, and it always ends up where they really don't WanNa go on after us because of whatever because they're all of us and then. They'll play and half of their fans a walkout because they're just like a and I understand it. You know I was young I never did that but. Yeah I mean our friends would open up for like I remember when the zero boys were like the the big band they had great songs and our friends killing I'm just started an actual called Rhodesia at the time and they opened form. And all these people started leaving after Roy deal and I'm like zero boys going on and they didn't care I've. Awesome, yeah, young. I've always appreciated bands that take out. Other bands that are are different from their's genre or. Their bands like sick of it all or whatever the case is. It's just always entertaining to let's say you go like for me for instance like. I always think of a real big fish because I've seen some of the strangest bans open up for them, and they have nothing to do with sky or punk rock, not anywhere near the genre and. So you just stand there like nobody walks out because everyone is has like the same reaction they're like. Is this you know and so they end up getting into whatever. Bands also. Did. You know that that did that now? There's we've we've played with them. At punk rock holiday, it was a great lineup that year it was. All the younger opening bands than it was pennywise sick of it all. And all I'm thinking less than Jake less than. Even less than Jake will play with some band. Center. I'm bring that up because after the shows you know. They they loved our set. We you know we watch. Them we were talking. To the guy was like we do this again, we should do this in the states i. Don't think it's going to work for..

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