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Weekend as well certified by the american meteorological society we're staff meteorologist on talk radio five sixty us so let's check out these roadways i will say i was just looking at a traffic camera and i out loud honest reaction was when i looked at the connector to thirtyseven mccarthy boulevard bumper to bumper traffic and they're this is it's just an absolute stopped situation i don't see anything causing this other than just a lot of people on the roadway however i will tell you i can see the individual who's trying to pass on the shoulder right now in the traffic camera that's a quick way to get yourself busted but just keep an eye out to thirtyseven solid white line and you're not supposed to look at this guy this guy right here in the very bottom corner you see the white line the car on the other side of it yeah a blue minivan at the two thirtyseven connector mccarthy we see you trying to pass on the shoulder over to one zero one this is northbound cesar chavez a vehicle stopped in the right lane southbound two eighty at sandhill boulevard we have the right lane they're blocked by an accident some delays at the bay bridge toll plaza trying to get into san francisco on eighty westbound this morning following a series of problems that happen at the tolls and i don't know what's going on here but four westbound at bailey road there's a vehicle over in the right lane two men are outside of said vehicle and they look quote unquote agitated i have a feeling there's going to be a brawler palooza on the side of for your bart ride checking in problem free dispute welcome to total wine and more so i challenge.

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