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Well, eventually after that he was released and he was. He found a ride home before we talk about the present situation. You know, how this works? If the police in the hospital suspected he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you can voluntarily take someone's blood correct by going to a judge and getting a warrant. Yes. Now, see PD and Coleraine township or in close contact with him. Correct. Yes. And nothing your client had done raised in their mind. The suspicion your client was under the influence of drugs or alcohol because if this was a cop's death that means CPT knows how this game is played. They quickly go and they go to a magistrate or judge. I get a warrant to seize your clients blood. Did that happen in this case now, and let me point this out as well in Ohio? You don't have to be at fault in an accident to be charged with DUI. Why in Ohio if you're operating a vehicle and a cop has probable cause to believe that you're under the influence of alcohol or drugs of abuse. He can go ahead. Take you through test asking questions in charge you with DUI. And then later if something happens, then they can dismiss the DUI charge you with aggravated vehicular homicide, or whatever they want to charge you with. Let's take short break when we continue. I'm gonna ask you those questions because there's a sense, I know how law enforcement operates when one of their own is killed and they never read as implied consent warning either didn't give them, but they're very aggressive. Anybody can be killed. I guess at any point. But if a cop believes that a person has wrongfully caused another cop death, they can get very aggressive about grabbing your blood against your will. Because of a warn and what could be charged down the road. There's various elements of homicide from all the way down and negligent and below that. So when we continue with Steve Adams sees the attorney for the man who was in the pickup truck who Steve relates did not know he hit a human being much less a cop and all he was a thumb. Bump and stopped immediately and wash what went on. Let's continue with more Bill Cunningham with the attorney Steven r Adams who represents the man who killed unwittingly officer, Dale woods on seven.

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