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Sachs Bank. USA Salt Lake City branch. But Man. So I wanted to talk a little bit next about You talk a little bit about your your injury history because that is something that that is going to be something that you're going to get asked a lot about in this process you know. I'm sure you would even admit you didn't play as much as you wanted to at Fresno state because of those injuries. But I'm sure that they have. They have molded you into the player that you are today. Just talk a little bit about the hardships of suffering a few big season ending injuries. And how you've had to work harder to come back from love. Yes so I mean all my injuries it was it was. It was a tough time for me because I mean you guys everybody there I I wanted to be out there with my guys playing you know but I mean stuff happens and that's the way it goes but like throughout the whole time I just for my down just in guiding just kept working towards everything and here I am today. I mean I just had Injury last season stood recover from that. But I mean I've just been working every day just putting my trust in God I just. That's also one of the reasons. Why last two like I feel? I feel like I'm ready to play in the NFL. But you know things happen. That's why that's why I left. I just felt like I was ready to go I just need to recover and I mean probably get get better nutrition in NFL and also like a treatment too so that'll be a good idea to just you know. Yeah sure in in is something talking with a lot of players over the last few years you know. It's allow the Times. These injuries pushed people to you. Know leave school early and go to the NFL because because they're like man you know I don't want to just keep keep getting injured or like you said you. You might play at a place where you feel like you can get the better treatment. You can get the better training you can get the better. You know recovery reprocess and it's just. It's a big professional decision that you know a lot of guys I've never had make but someone like yourself who's got a chance to be on the top. Interior offense is is drafted. That's a decision that it's it's tough to come. You know and say man. I feel like I WANNA play. I feel like I haven't played as much as I wanted to hear. But I gotTa make what's best the decision. What's best for me and my family and that's doing this for sure and I mean like also the potential for me is is like through the the roof? You know what I'm saying like I feel like I haven't even like really you know got to show myself. You know what I mean so I mean I hope somebody takes in just leaves them in. I'm just GonNa you know. Show them what I can do. Yeah in in and you know this is a question that I that I was dying to ask. You is when you go through these decisions with The family you know possibly agent. You're looking at. Did you guys happen to take a look at the interior often. Select class and go man. This was this might be a little. You know I might have a better chance of going higher this year that I would if I wait until next year because of some of the players that that went back to school this here. Yeah of course I talked my agent and then talk to me about that like there is saying like I. I'm like one of the top helping to realignment. And also the interior alignment class right. Now is kind of like not as good so I mean next year. It'll be way better something you know what I'm saying. Yeah in that decision making so I mean I'm I'm happy at my agency told me all that stuff. It's that's something that so big. I think they kinda gets overlooked at times is looking at the class that you decide to come out in or or go back to school in because there's some times is where that clueless as you know for for a running back or linebacker off it's alive and you know you you have to kind of look into the future and go man like my odds going top fifty eh better this year. Will they be next year and that's a big part of this season Man The next thing I wanted to get into is you played some tackle at Fresno state you played some guard the Fresno state. Are you looking. You know possibly being a dual threat guy in that area or you think it'll be more of just an interior at the next level. I mean I don't really care if I mean I do care but I don't really care where they put me. You know what I'm saying. I could play tackle guard or center. I've been practicing. I mean I know that Senator is not on film but I know I could play center but free listing for me. I feel like I'm a smaller guy. So I so like dough probably put me inside more wherever I don't really does it really matter for me so you know what I'm saying. No for sure in that. And that's a question. The guys who do play tackle and guard on tape. You know that's a question that I'm sure you'll get asked a ton you know. Hey if we want to move outside to tackle that something you're comfortable doing and and You know I it looked like from the the the tape that I've seen from you at tackle. You could play that position as well but I do agree in the and that's kind of segue into where I wanted to go next so I I'm going to come out and say it I am terrible it evaluating offense alive and I'm just not good at that corner and receiver in almost every other position but for some reason I am not not good at evaluating offensive line to draw up right up scouting report on yourself. What would it say I mean the kind of bias but No 'cause yours right now. It just says something along the lines of I would not enjoy playing football against this man. Yeah like obviously we got it in here. How you fire off the ball you know your ability to get into the second level to the second level The power that you bring with your paunch in your footwork seems clean. You know you play with some athleticism like all of that. But that's like the key thing when I watch you play. I'm like it must be miserable to play defense when he's lined up across from Roy. Just put it like this. I just when I go out there like there's a lot Bush's that go through my head when I go in there man like every time I walked on that ramp at the Fresno state I I just started bawling like I just started crying. I it's it's Kinda crazy I just feel like I just go to a whole different world. You know what I'm saying when go there I just feel like I just want to dominate everything. Basically that's kind of my my son. I walk in there and walked down the field. You concerned. That's that's that's what I that's what I think of when I go down play football here The next person search for you as where do you see your fit being at the next level. Can you play in man and zone schemes. Are you going to be just a man blocking linemen. Do you see yourself being able to Kinda develop an in play in an scheme. That would have both of those you know in the in the process of that game. I Yeah Yeah I mean for me it. It doesn't really matter. I feel like I'm quotable enough to do whatever the coach wants me to do. You know what I'm saying. I just I'm just GONNA have. I'm just GONNA need some time to learn whatever they want to learn and I'm just GonNa do it to the best of my abilities. You know what I'm saying share. May We ran zone Lanman Fresno state some time so I mean it doesn't really matter for me cool. Yeah that's that's the question I'd like to ask as well 'cause there are some guys who were just so comfortable in one or the other that they you they you know. Give me the you know I can do both. I WANNA learn both but being able being have having done both at Fresno state has to be important for for you and which you know the questions you're going to get asked about the schemes you could play in I did want to ask as well. you know being a big mauling rolling offense align linemen What do you enjoy doing more is? It's your pass protection or your run blocking I actually I like both. I know. That's gotta but I mean I mean they're gonNA pass block. I feel like I feel like some people will just when they hear. It's a passed away like day just stink. Oh it's just a time to take it off always time to relax just past route but like I I just feel like I needed them. They both you you know. Run and pass so I mean I don't like standing around sometimes when I don't have the guy on me. I just like to look for work during the past protection. You know what I'm saying saw that yeah. Yeah because I mean they rent a three down so I mean the senator was on sometimes and I would just look in both the guards cards. Were probably be free so just look for work most of the time sure. Yeah that's a good answer You know I it's it's it's fun watching your take because I feel like you see I I call him. Catchers you see a lot of catching offense Allama. They counted like you said almost feel like they take the play off. And just let the the defensive lyman you know come into their grass but you still kind of have that that angry drive about you even pass protection that you don't see from some guys you kinda still you gotta take your your steps back you gotta get into your past says but it almost seems like you WanNa be still going forward and driving off the ball and that that's always where I meant to ask us. We're talking about the injuries. But where are you at right now as far as your health if you had if you had to say So I start running in next week so mean very go probably like seventy percent right now okay an interview. Are you you guys plan on doing. Have you gotten a combine invitation yet. Yes I have. I got an A.. Come by invitation and will you be. Hopefully you know participating in that you think it'd be healthy enough to do the combine So I was talking with my trainer and they were saying I probably be able to the drills rose not like not. I don't think the COMBI events but I I go in the bench sure sure shares. UCS getting it's more important to get back to full health and try to push yourself in those situations and and possibly even have a pro day later on revealed do some of that. So that's that's great. That's good to know you a as the prototype for Sarah Hundred Forego. Do you know when you're pro. Date is As right now it's march seventeenth. Okay cool cool and you you said that it was a full go as far as forties and everything good good. That's awesome here media. Well Cooman You know I wanted to wrap it up. I Yeah I did a little bit of digging. It looks like correct me if I'm wrong but you are a San Francisco. Forty niners fan. I have what's your what's what's your take on the big game this weekend. Forty nine is all the way probably like I dunno leading by core points going blow out in the Super Bowl is yeah I like that. I like that. I like that confidence. That that's a a I can't wait for the game of been more exciting games. I'm excited for so. Yeah I saw your Sawyer. A forty niners fan. I thought you'd be. You really hyped for for for tomorrow you know. Hopefully we'll have this podcast up beforehand. So we can see if your prediction comes true or not but I. I really appreciate you joining me tonight. Ayton really really looking forward to throughout the process that combines a pro days and seeing where you end up because you're one of the one of the top offense lineman in this class and should be one one of the top shop. Drafted offense alignment in this class to appreciate you. Colony thank you of course again. This was Netanyahu Muti Fresno Fresno state interior offense place outside as well Versatile guy that the tape is extremely fun to watch a guy who is a Mahler. He's a good good pass protector. He can do it all and he's going to be one of the first names called on the offense align in this NFL draft. Thanks so much. A tiny for joining us. This is talk in the draft. Listen you guys next.

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