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Then the pause is sort of like that balance and so i kind of felt that was kind of going to fast forward moment needed a way to slow it down so i went to ups Some early sheet music. And i was just like okay. Two days ago. I finally played for release all the way through. And here's a grand piano to sitting here like this elegant piano in the so tell so i ran home. Grab my macro lens and an executed a project. That's been one of the other products on my to do list which is just a macro shoot of a grand piano to eventually print out and use a in my studio as like because if you come into my studio you will see a record player. You will see a huge guitar amplifier. You'll see guitars some very much. Branding myself along the musici- musician background. And i just had to take those pictures. And it was funny. Because here's this conference where people travel from texas. You know i met someone texas. I just threw that out there. But i'm sure people traveled from even further taxes. To be here. Meet up with other models and other people and here. Here's an answering in the corner being isolated taking pictures of the grand piano. So like you're you're still just taking pictures of that like people here and i'm like you don't understand. So that's the product she is referring to i. I love the way. I love the way your brain works. I don't know whether this is really a a question. But i want i want to make an observation for everybody listening One of the things that you've learned to do and it's funny. How you talked about in a little. You were a little bit introverted. And this is what you do and it's always it was always about You expressing things you were feeling but one of the things that makes a huge difference you sent me a you commented and then you sent me an email on a project and then i said you wanna do a guest post one of the things that you do really well is be accessible. And i can't tell you how many times shamir and i have been chasing down. It could be an artist for podcast. It could be somebody. Were just trying to catch up to for something she might be doing. Or i'm doing or all of us in the industry the fact that the fact that you responded right away the fact that you responded and somehow over the years you weren't just an artist you actually learned how to write and communicate because there are so many times that i get stuff from photographers and i get it. Your artis your photographers. You didn't set out to be writers but just use spell check everybody or use gramley. It's gone out to somebody or the bottom line is that you wanna be accessible. You want to get back to somebody when they call. If it's a client you want to get back to them especially in the wedding industry if you're a client and and you're chasing down your photographer and you've just put the word out to. Let's say three photographers whose work you saw online and liked on ninety percent of the time. Whoever gets back to you. The quickest is going to be the one that stands out in your mind. So i don't know andrew you're you're a lesson to responding quickly and nicely and coherently thank you. I don't know how we turn that. Amy rescued because you obviously you didn't cut. You didn't cut the writing class in high school or college. You stay through the whole thing and it shows thank you well. You know. I've always said it. And i'm gonna say it again. These interviews fly by so fast and skip. I think i'm gonna hit our final question. Our final question unless there's anything else though right so. This is the perfect question to this country's photographer and is learned a lot in his bershad amount of time. Right right so andrew. What advice do you have four photographers. Who were just starting out today. especially with the challenges of everything going on With the world. What would you tell them. Which would they be doing i. I wish i had time to prepare this answer. But i'm gonna go with what comes to mind and here's what i've got for that and way. That's that's a job definitely thought on this for awhile. One piece of advice. I really want to hammer home to newbies because it came up from the i guess from me being quote the newbie at khan. I was in the same situation. So you see what i mean but the lesson is take everything that you get from quote unquote experts and intermediate with a grain of salt. Because i do if. I have if you have a few minutes or is real quick. Look how go forward. Well i always draw from the lessons. I learned in music both and professionally and one thing that i've learned is you know i. I mentioned my drummer. My best friend. We went through this decade long musical journey together starting with meeting the one taking piano lessons getting theory injected into my brain knowing about melody harmony rhythm and he was the drummer. People joke. that drummers don't know anything about music and in a in a way that's true but in a good way that's true and you fast forward ten years and skip over all the times where we're in a writing session and i'm kind of solve that. The ban voted for his idea..

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